Wok ‘A’ Way, Ghent

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Wok Interior

Wok A Way is very popular restaurant in Ghent. This Asian restaurant is a great pick if you just want a quick bite to eat. For the first time we had both a starter and a main course here. There are a few things you should know if you’ve never been here. When you walk in you are supposed to order before you take a seat at your table, a bit like at Mc Donalds (with the difference being that Wok A Way serves quality food).

After ordering from a pretty limited menu you have to pay right away. They hand you a table number which you have to place on your table. From there on it’s more or less the normal restaurant experience. They do bring the food to your table. Their concept isn’t fine dining and obviously the lack of service is clearly visible on your bill. The place is very affordable and the quality is great. We picked the Won Ton soup for our starter priced at 4,50 EUR. It was a very large bowl of very good soup. The vegetables where clearly fresh and the overall taste was excellent!

Won Ton Soup

As a main course I had my all time Wok A Way favourite: the deluxe crispy duck wok and Mrs. Strawberry had one of the suggestions, which was a Pork based wok with Teriyaki and noodles. You always get a choice to have rice or noodles with your wok. I prefer rice. Both dishes were served about 15 minutes after we finished our soup so their timing is perfect.

It makes me hungry just looking at the pictures. Unless you haven’t eaten anything all day, you’ll have a hard time finishing such an amount of very tasty food they serve. This is one of those places where you keep trying to finish the dish, even when you’re stuffed! The crispy duck is exactly how you expect it, VERY crispy (not burned). Mrs. Strawberry told me she also enjoyed her dish. She told me it was very flavourful. You can clearly see that they use fresh ingredients! By the time we were finished we got almost 1.5l of soup, two amazing wok dishes, two drinks and we paid 46 EUR. For price/quality this is one of the greatest places in Ghent for more westernised asian food. (For traditional asian food you should visit JinJiang!).

If you’re a tourist and you can’t find the place: It’s located on the Korenmarkt (big square at the historic center) near Starbucks.

Won Ton Soup: 4,50 EUR
Crispy Duck wok: 14,50 EUR
Teriyaki Pork: 13,50 EUR
Two imported beers: 9 EUR

Total: +/- 45 EUR


Final Verdict

SWAG: Something we asians got!

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