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Volta. I’ve been wanting to eat here for a while now. I’ve been to their lounge before for cocktails, and while a bit on the expensive side, they’re delicious. Plus you get you’re money’s worth of booze in, not like some other places where the dominant ingredient is fruit juice. Its a really cozy place with the lounge on the first floor with a nice big bar and a window overlooking the restaurant below. The restaurant is on the small side with not a lot of tables but that makes it more charming. They also have an open kitchen and from your table you can see the chef’s preparing your food. Service was extremely friendly even going above and beyond they’re duties to make sure we had a pleasant evening.

We first had cocktails (a Manhattan and a Long Island Iced Tea) upstairs. We got a little wooden table number to put on our table so that what we ordered would come together with the bill we paid for our food, which I thought was really thoughtful. Another nice touch was we got little starters brought to our table while we drank. There was a vitamin shot, a little frozen gin-tonic sorbet on a spoon and a toast with chicken. After that we went down to sit at our table where they served more “amuses”. As you can see on the following picture (of one of the desserts), the food looks like eye candy!

Picture of a dessert

We both ordered the menu, which at 69EUR for 7 courses seems inexpensive for such a place. They change the menu a lot so chances are you will not get to taste what we had. We ordered the wine separately, and maybe the only criticism I would have about this place is that they don’t have pre-selected wines to go with the courses, you have to choose it yourself. The wine selection however is huge. The sommelier is always there to inform you in detail about any wine they offer but a menu with paired wines would be even better. We ordered a white wine to go with our fish courses and then a red beginning with our wild dove. The courses were: An oyster with cucumber and goat cheese, trout, lemon sole with celeriac and mussel, scallop, BBQ wild dove, berries with farmers cheese and plum with chocolate and almonds.

Picture of Trout

Food was out quickly, but with enough time in between to enjoy your wine in-between courses. Everything tasted spot-on! The balance between the tastes and the texture of the food was close to perfection. The fish courses were perfectly cooked, the wild dove was tender and everything was well seasoned.

Picture of a perfected Pigeon

The desserts where simple but delicious. Although the portions were quiet small I still had the feeling I definitely ate enough. Every dish looks like a piece of art. We also got very generous portions of bread which they kept bring more of whenever it was finished. It’s refreshing to finally find a place that does not disappoint.

Picture of one of the desserts

I would recommend this place for romantic dinners and a night out with friends alike.  Price-quallity is excellent. You can get an English menu if you’re a tourist. Fresh food cooked with passion, modern but not eclectic… What more could you want? Keep in mind, the place is popular so make your reservation at least two weeks in advance. Happy to say I have nothing to bash on about this place. Oh right, I lost a tooth because there still was a piece from the hunter’s bullet in my dove… Besides that, nothing to bash.

Update by Mr. Eggplant on 01/05/2015

Volta is one of those restaurants that fails to disappoint. Some might wonder, “what does it take to earn a michelin star” because over the course of a year they made minor improvements to the whole experience. From amuses to the desert, everything is a bit more refined.

I still agree with Mrs. Strawberry that they should have the option to take the menu with paired wines for a fixed price. They have a very good sommelier and a very large selection of wines from around the globe. The sommelier is very responsive so I understand the decision to “force” the diners to interact with this very talented man.

Consider every situation… I imagined myself with Mrs. Strawberry on our first date, trying to impress her… With such a huge selection of wines I would start to sweat, maybe even hyperventilate and hope the sommelier helps me out of my misery as fast as possible. You can imagine how a big help it would have been if, in that instance, I just had the possibility to say “The menu including wines for me and my girl please” and be done with it.

Other than that, well… Let’s just say Volta established itself as one of the best restaurants in Ghent. When entering, the hostess sets the tone for an amazing experience. She’s very friendly and welcoming. The waiters are top notch, the word “mistake” doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary and the kitchen is run by a wizard. Every dish is spot on. Volta isn’t a one trick pony, it’s a magical unicorn and it’s here to stay.

+ Manhattan (cocktail)
+ Long island Iced tea
Oyster with cucumber and goat cheese
+ Trout, black radish, salad and oxalis
Lemon sole with celeriac and (1) mussel
Scallop with kohlrabi and dashi
“BBQ” Dove with butternut
+  Berries, with farmers cheese, lime and mint
Plum with chocolate and almonds

Total price: +/- 170 EUR 





Final Verdict

Error: Unable to #foodbash. We will be back!

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