Step Inn, Deinze

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Step Inn Lounge corner

We ended up in Deinze because we had an appointment in a neighbouring town. Step Inn is listed as the best restaurant in Deinze according to trip advisor. It’s location near the center and  train station and there’s always a parking spot available close to the restaurant.

On the outside Step Inn doesn’t look like much but that changes the second you walk in. The interior is quite luxurious and they have a very nice courtyard where you can have your dinner under the blue summer sky. We were welcomed by the head chef and it seemed that his wife was acting as hostess and waitress. Overall level of service is very high and professional. Sometimes it came across as a bit stiff this might be just our perception because we’re still young people. We expect a form or formality and stiffness at a michelin star restaurant but if we’re just dining at any other restaurant we are in favour of a more relaxed kind of service.

To start the evening off we had two glasses of champagne. We never had a restaurant that disappointed us with bad champagne and Step Inn didn’t either. Most wines they serve are blends of more then one kind of grape. Finally an nice alternative to the classic Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. The wine we had was a blend of both of these and tasted delicious. 

Mrs. Strawberry had a carpaccio as starter. They used grated parmesan and a lot of olive oil. If you’ve read our reviews we don’t like people who stray too far from the original dish but in this case the use of grated cheese wasn’t a bad thing. Mrs. Strawberry was quite happy with her carpaccio but a little less oil wouldn’t hurt.

Melon and Parma

I had melon with Prosciutto di Parma and it was accompanied by a small glass of Sherry. It was a very nice and refreshing dish for a hot summer day and at this point it seemed very clear that we where dining in a quality restaurant. 

As main I had a chateaubriand with mushroom sauce and french fries and Mrs. Strawberry had honey glazed ribs. Normally the ribs would be accompanied by an oven baked potato but they forgot to serve it so Mrs. Strawberry also had her ribs with french fries. My meat was very tender and Strawberry’s dish was also very well executed. The piece of rib was also cut in smaller pieces before it was served which made eating them a lot less troublesome.

chateaubriandHoney Glazed ribs

For dessert I ordered a Crème brûlée and believe it or not, for the first time in my life someone was able to serve me a Crème brûlée how it was suppose to be made.

Hard burned sugar on top and a smooth creamy filling bellow it! Very well done! Mrs. Strawberry enjoyed one of their homemade ice creams and after that we called it a day. We haven’t been able to visit other restaurants in Deinze but because they didn’t  serve even one bad dish, the service was friendly, the wine was good and it wasn’t overpriced they might as well be the best restaurant in Deinze.

Estimated Total: +/- 145 EUR


Final Verdict

Nice people, good food!

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