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Yesterday we visited Sphinx in Haaltert. Coming in you pass the bar where staff show you to your table. The interior is quiet dated and very simplistic. It looks more like a roadside diner than an restaurant. But since its not like they’re serving fancy food with fancy prices, so this is a minor detail. There are a few little things I’d preferred differently… like real napkins instead of paper ones and the food mats were also paper with all kinds of advertisements from local car dealers and such. Decor is very kitsch with Egyptian pharaoh statues and other themed things on the wall. Its not looking super fresh but I guess with the dirt cheap food and the fact that they mainly serve pita, grills and pizzas its forgivable.

Mr. Eggplant had scampi diabolique as a starter (11EUR). It came cutely presented in a little pot with a side of pita bread. He said it tasted real nice and the only comment he had was that he’d had preferred normal or turkish bread to dip in his sauce instead of pita bread.  I had an Egyptian salad. It consisted of tuna, hard cooked egg, feta cheese and veggies. It was eatable but not very inspired. It was basically two cans of tuna with some pieces of cheese, almost no salad, the most unevenly chopped cucumber I ever saw and a few pieces of tomato. I would have enjoyed it more if it had a bit more salad and less tuna to make it more of a salad and less cat food…This was 10EUR, it was worth about half of that. We ordered red wine with our meat main courses but we got white. The server was young and inexperienced but except for this incident the service was very efficient and friendly.

They had quiet a lot of choices for main courses and at the last moment I decided to try something that I saw on the menu and that kept me wondering how it would be executed. The only description was “pita-spare-rib”. I think I let my imagination get the best of me because it was actually exactly what it said it would be. About 1kilo of pita meat with a spare-rib on top. There was also cole slaw and a side of fries. Not spectacular, but a very large meal for the 15EUR it had costed. I’m sure some meat loving hunk out there would be in heaven seeing his plate primarily covered in meat. I on the other hand struggled cutting the ribs that lay on the little pieces of pita meat and I could barely finish 1/3 of my meal. It wasn’t bad at all though, only way too much.

Mr. Eggplant had “pita africa”. Pita meat with chopped bell peppers, grilled, served with a side of fries. He said it was good but he’d have grilled the meat a bit longer to give it a bit of crunch. The portion was, again, nothing to complain about and his dish costed 14EUR.

As desert Mr.Eggplant had “Sphinx” coffee (coffee and Tia Maria, a coffee liqueur). I had “crema catalana”. This desert should have the same trademark crunch as the creme brûlée does. Sadly although this tasted great the big disappointment was getting this served and finding out that they didn’t burn the sugar evenly. The edges were done and on the rest of my desert sat a mountain of unburnt sugar. Such a pity because this would have been perfect otherwise.

We paid 88EUR total which is not bad for the amount of food we got. Definitely a nice place to grab a meal if your expectations aren’t sky-high. Good choice of food and even though the execution isn’t always refined we’ll be back again sometime when we get a craving for meat!

Two Kirr Royals: 16EUR
Scampi Diabolique: 11EUR
Egyptian Salad: 10EUR
1/2l White Wine: 9 EUR
Pita Afrika:  14EUR
Pita-Spare-Rib: 15EUR
Sphinx Coffee: 6,60EUR
Crema Catalana: 6EUR

Price: 88EUR


Final Verdict

Nice to MEAT you

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