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Real diner feel

Stepping into Route 46 American Resto in Oudenaarde is like stepping into a little piece of USA in the middle of Belgian nowhere. Theres a limousine on top of the roof to greet you while you’re driving into the parking lot. Then there are the quiet lovely red/white booths inside the diner with the statue of liberty to top it all off. The place is spacious, but not overwhelmingly so, and it also has a nice outside terrace. The diner was buzzing with life.

You order at the counter and then have your meal brought to you at your table. You can choose from a burger, hotdog, steak, spareribs or salad menu. We both had the California menu (large: double layered burger) for 12,95EUR pp. The menu includes a burger, fries, a salad and free unlimited refills of soda, beer, wine or water! To top it off on this particular day they were giving out free ice cream after your meal. To good to be true? We thought so too, but we are happy to announce that this place delivered what they promised.

The burger was huge and really delicious. The carnivore in us died and went to a meat heaven. They were definitely not skimpy with the layers, big beautiful slabs of bacon, two beef patty’s, tomato, salad and a Texas sauce, YUM! Fries were cooked to perfection, salad was nice and crisp. The only disappointment was the moment when I realised I wouldn’t be able to eat all of this without exploding.

We decided to test out the free refill policy. At the start we took two beers, then we asked for two more and then I decided to try and see if I could switch to wine. No problems at all, I got my wine and after we finished I also got my free ice cream, as promised. Staff is very friendly and efficient.

Just in case you are really hungry… The biggest burger you can order has 9 layers (the Rocky Mountain) and costs 25 EUR. We didn’t see anyone ordering it so I asked the owner of Route46 for a picture of the burger. He send one but because he had experienced some technical difficulties he lost all the good quality pictures. Here’s a recreation in photoshop of how big the burger is. Keep in mind, this isn’t the actual burger but it is the right size! In case you are wondering, the owner of the place is in the picture ;-).

Biggest burger on the planet
Please read
This is not a picture of the actual burger! It has been created in photoshop to give you an accurate representation of the size of the burger.

While ordering Mr. Eggplant wanted to leave a small tip, instead the guy (owner) at the counter said “thats allright”, and took 0,90EUR off of our bill. Huh? Do you want more customers? Because thats how you get more customers!

I don’t think I ever ate at a place this cheap in Belgium and got so much out of my money. Its like a fairytale! Such a pity I don’t have this restaurant next door, but we’ll definitely be back to enjoy this little piece of America in Belgium again.

Total: 25 EUR

This includes:

2 burger menu’s
5 beers
1 glass of wine
2 ice creams


Final Verdict

Say hello to my little friend! The rocky mountain!

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