Porto, Must Visit Resto’s pt1

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Brasao Cervejaria

A little bit delayed, but here they are! After the two-part series about our first impressions of Porto, Portugal and its hotels we will release a series of short restaurant reviews. We visited more then 20 restaurants during our stay including some of the absolute best and these are our top picks!

Brasao Cervejaria

This is a hidden gem near Porto’s main plaza. On Tripadvisor many reviewers say that you should make reservations beforehand, this might be true if you’re going out to eat in the evening, but we tried our luck twice at lunch and got a seat immediately both times. We loved the decor, very rustic, relaxed with nice wood work.

We sat down to order and were helped by very friendly staff. We began with cocktails (which were amazing). Fresh bread and homemade butter landed on our table in an instant. As a starter I had something traditional called “rissois com trufas” which was basically a sort of crockett filled with minced meat, mushrooms and truffle. This was mindblowingly good, I didn’t expect so much taste in that little black pocket. Yum.


Mr. Eggplant had a fresh shrimp bisque, “delicious” he said, gulping it down rapidly. For the main I had another house speciality, steak with onion sauce. Cooked to perfection, the steak was very tender and the onion sauce was excellent.

I had chips with mine (literally chips, not what the English call chips) and although the chips were cooked very well and definitely fresh, they didn’t really need to be there as they couldn’t absorb the delicious sauce anyway. You could of course choose between fries, rice and potatoes, but I was feeling experimental.

Steak Onion Sauce

After this Mr. Eggplant went for a traditional Francesinha which is a warm oven baked sandwich with steak or other meats covered in cheese and thick tomato sauce. Again, something we never tried before but Mr. Eggplant was a fan. He compared it to a lasagne, but with bread and even tastier. You can choose between 1/2 or a whole Francesinha. Quick tip: Only take a whole one if you haven’t eaten in days…

I have seen some people commenting how this place isn’t very cheap… Now I don’t know where they live, but for Belgian standards and also considering the quality and freshness of the food served the prices were very fair. Can you eat cheaper in Porto? Of course you can, but the atmosphere in this place, friendly staff and delicious food make it definitely worth a visit!


Brasao Cervejaria

Rua Ramalho Ortigão, 28, Porto 400-407

Book your table!


Like with the other place, we tried our luck here without a reservation at lunch time. We got a table and about a half hour later, the place was full. Coming in you first have to pass the butcher’s shop downstairs, which is kind of a nice unusual touch. Upstairs is the restaurant, cozy, classy and modern with nice jazzy background music.

Our waiter was very friendly and helpful. We started of with a bruschetta platter for two. Presentation was lovely with nice color play. There was a bruschetta with sauteed mushrooms, one with salmon and cream cheese and one with a spicy blue cheese and rocket salad. All of them were little taste bombs. We ordered a bottle of wine to go with our steak, it was recommended by the waiter and was a very good choice. Nice and smoothe.

Bruschetta Platter

We then had the rib-eye for two with baked potatoes. It was to-die-for! I’m not exaggerating, we literally didn’t say a word to each other and devoured the entire platter in silence. After it was finished we looked up at each other and just said “wow”.

Perfectly grilled, it melted in the mouth and was 100 times better than steaks I had here with a price tag of 45-115 EUR! (Keep in mind, this is the price for two persons) I just hope that we get the chance to eat there again when we go back to Porto in October.

Steak to DIE for

We will rate both places as equally good because they both have a very nice interior, great food and great service. These two restaurants are especially good if you like meat dishes. Brasao also has a selection of Belgium Beers for people suffering from Belgium beer withdrawal.


Rua Sa de Noronha 33, Porto 4050-526

Book your table!

Both of these places are in the 40-80 EUR price range for two persons (three courses including wine).

Total: +/- 40 – 80  EUR

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