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This website was created by two people who like food but hate biasted restaurant reviews. It’s our mission to give you our humble but honest opinion about restaurants we come across. We do not care about the chef’s reputation, current food “trends”, official ratings, etc… We wanted to give our fans the chance to get closer to us. We are more then food journalists/critics, we are most of all just normal people.

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Site description:

“Hi! We are human beings born in the 80’s. We will provide you with a picture regularly for as long as we can. Hope you enjoy our life’s work.

life \ˈlīf\

  •  the ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks
  •  the period of time when a person is alive
  • the experience of being alive

Content [kon-tent]

All content is created by the people responsible for this website. It will (over time) give you an insight on what we like, do, and maybe even who we are…”

Hope you enjoy it!

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