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Interior of Pain Perdu

Breakfast, people say, is the most important meal of the day. Let’s start by debunking this myth, a healthy life has nothing to do with one meal, what you eat over the course of the day will make the difference. However, if you want to start your day with a smile, having the opportunity to enjoy a great breakfast is a good start.

Ghent is a great city for foodies, there are dozens of restaurants offering Italian, Indian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Indian-Chinese-Vegetarian food. If you wanna get breakfast in Ghent your options are limited but at least there is… Pain Perdu.

Pain Perdu is a medium sized restaurant where you can have breakfast, brunch or lunch. The atmosphere is great and while we sat in the second room, the front part of the restaurant has a big table which may enhance social interaction. Every ingredient is fresh and locally bought. They offer several breakfast selections like “French”, “Continental”, etc.

Selection of exotic tea

We went for the brunch (even if it was 9 am). This included a large basket of bread and baguette, a chocolate and roisin cake, a hot drink of your choice (including exotic tea), fresh orange juice, butter and sweet spread a soft or hard boiled egg and the most incredible plate of cheese, ham, salmon, brie, tomatoes and mozzarella.

When everything arrived, the table turned into a divine display of great food. A brunch costs about 18 EUR but I gladly pay this amount for the quality they serve at pain perdu. The bread was still warm, the sweet spread was served in little glass cups. Everything was served with a keen eye for detail.  

This plate screams 'fresh!'

Pain Perdu is a place that deserves your respect. They put focus on serving fresh and quality ingredients; Staff was very friendly. We had to leave a bit earlier than expected and when I walked to the counter to pay I asked a staff member if we could just take our chocolate and raisin cake with us. They apologized  for forgetting to serve them. Funny fact: I thought they didn’t forget to serve it. The table was so full of ingredients I just thought they would serve it later.

I would suggest this place to my family, my best friends and anyone reading this article. Keep in mind that you should look for a parking spot near the “vooruit” (Ghent’s concert building) or if you’re up for a small walk, park at Ghent Zuid (near Ghent’s City Administration).

Brunch 2x: 18,00 EUR

Total: +/- 36 EUR


Final Verdict

Breakfast that will help you run a marathon.

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