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  • Sauce?
  • Carpaccio

This week we visited “The New Fox” in Affligem.  We made reservations, but when coming in it seemed like it wasn’t necessary since the waitress showed us to a table for two without asking what name we reserved under. The place looks nice enough, and sadly, I’m afraid this will be the nicest thing I will say in this whole review. We took a seat at our table which was right next to the heated terrace and I must say I still felt pretty cold the entire evening because of the draft every time the door opened. There was a little bottle of unopened wine at the table which was quiet confusing. We didn’t order wine, so why is it standing on our table? Complimentary? Some sort of decoration? Who knows…

We both ordered Kirr Royale (7EUR), Deer Carpaccio (20EUR) and the Scottish Angus Entrecôte for two (60EUR).  The waitress had a laugh about how we’re so alike that we order the same things. The Kirr Royale came out decorated with a strawberry, which was a nice touch. Our amuses were little pots of pumpkin soup. The soup was too thick to be a soup, it was more like sauce and it was lukewarm. We didn’t get any spoons with is so we were trying to slurp out the way too thick soup and it was not a pretty sight.

After a while the waitress comes out with one carpaccio and asks who’s it for, we both answer “me”. Mr.Eggplant gets it and after 5 minutes of me not getting anything the same waitress that took our order comes and asks me what I ordered. Kind of awkward because she’s the one who thought it was cute that we ordered all the same things. I tell her I ordered the same as MrEggplant… She apologies and says its her mistake for only giving one order to the chef. So after another 10 minutes and my partner already eating as much of his carpaccio as he could I finally got mine. This sad excuse for a carpaccio consisted of deer meat, 10 rocket salad leaves and something that was supposed to be parmesan mousse, but was more like melted cheese that didn’t taste like parmesan at all. The presentation was quiet sad, even for something as simple as carpaccio, but the taste… Oh my! If this was the first carpaccio I ever ate it would surely become the last one as well. There was no olive oil, lemon juice or salt to give this thing taste. The “cheesy” thing underneath made the meat taste slimy! Not a texture you want to have when you’re eating raw meat. I am not a picky eater and usually I eat my dish even if its not that good out of politeness, hunger or because I paid for it. This dish costed 20EUR and I only took 3 bites. It was literally inedible. Yuck.

Mr.Eggplant had been looking forward to eating a steak the entire day, and was excited we’d get to share such a big one. Oh boy, was he disappointed. The steak came out looking decent. Then there was that giant pot of sauce on my plate, it looked really ridiculous. The french fries that came with it were not fried long enough and weren’t golden like they’re supposed to be. While trying to pour the sauce on my plate I came to the astonishing realisation that the sauce would not move! I kid you not, this sauce was more of a jello consistency that you could hold above your head and it would not fall out. Disgusting. The meat was way too salty for some reason and in combination with that sauce we were finally able to scrape out it became one of the most disappointing pieces of steak I ever had.

We barely ate any of this and Mr.Eggplant was very sad he didn’t get a nice steak like he wanted to the whole day. Also, through the whole evening we had no napkins! There were none at the table we reserved and they never brought any to us. We got fed up and asked for the bill. The waitress asked if we wanted some coffee, we declined. She then asked if we maybe wanted something else, Mr.Eggplant said “no, just the bill please” after which the waitress proceeded to make a very obvious “annoyed” face. Wow, really? 160EUR lighter and definitely still very hungry we proceeded to drive home and eat some crisps.

+ Kirr Royale
+ Deer Carpaccio
+ Scottish Angus Entrecôte 

Total price: +/- 160 EUR 





Final Verdict

Please stop making food!

Book your nightmare!

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