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Ma en ik Interior

Ma en Ik, Dutch for “Mother and me” is a family restaurant that was suggested to us by one of our followers on twitter a few months ago. It’s actually in Sint Amandsberg, a small town near Ghent and relatively close to the Dampoort train station.

The interior is special to say the least. It’s really like having breakfast (Saturday only), brunch or even lunch in your own kitchen. The “restaurant” looks like a big DIY project perfectly executed. There are no napkins, but there is a big roll of kitchen paper on your table. Like… home. Me and Mrs Strawberry enjoyed the silence of the neighbourhood. They also have a small terrace giving you the opportunity to enjoy your lunch under a (if you’re lucky) clear sky.


We started out with some cocktails “ma en ik”, “maison”, “of the house” or whatever you wan’t to call it. Most of the time the pain starts here! A lot of restaurants give some orange juice with safari or passoa and then call it “Cocktail of the house”. We hate this! Especially when it costs 10 EUR or more.

Ma en Ik took another approach, one of style and simplicity. Their cocktail was made of cava with elderberry sirup (I assume you could also use Roomer) and decorated with lime and mint. Me and Strawberry really enjoyed this refreshing drink on such a warm day. We decided to take another one because it was really delicious and I’m no stranger to (even the more exotic) cocktails. Simple but spot on!

We where in between brunch and lunch time so we decided to try their homemade tomato soup with bread and for a main course we chose spaghetti “ma en ik” which was a spaghetti with meatballs. Their menu is limited, it’s based on what people have in their fridge most of the time. We prefer a small menu with fresh ingredients!

The ‘correct’ consistency of soup is very opinion-able. For me and Mrs. Strawberry this soup was excellent. It wasn’t too thick or watery. Strawberry even commented that for the first time she had a soup in Belgium that wasn’t boring. The flavour was spiced up enough to notice it but not too much to kill the flavour of the fresh tomatoes. After we finished the soup we had to wait about 15 minutes to get our lovely spaghetti.

For 13 EUR the spaghetti was really good. It’s not a perfect Italian execution by the most talented chef in the world but it all tasted really fresh and the meatballs where amazing. My pasta was still a bit too wet (There was a bit of water at the bottom of my plate), this was just a small human error I’m sure if they had let the pasta rest for about 15 seconds longer before transferring it to the plate it would have been perfect. I had more then enough cheese and cheese absorbs liquid so problem solved! We were already talking how good this place turned out to be.

The service is super friendly, the food is great and drinks where amazing. We’re proud to discover yet another hidden gem!

Cocktails (4x): 22 EUR
Tomato soup (2x): 6 EUR
Spaghetti (2x): 27 EUR

Total: 60 EUR (incl tip)


Final Verdict

Home sweet, tasty, delicious home!

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