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Set amongst the backdrop of Central London, just off of Oxford Street, Latium is an understated and subtle Italian restaurant. Latium is owned by renowned Italian chef Maurizio Morelli, who is famous for creating bespoke and quirky dishes, that are known and enjoyed globally. .

Small and intimate, Latium is both charming and humbling. Being small, guests benefit from personalised and tailored service, which is efficient and each member of staff are experts in Italian food and wine.

The dishes are inventive, without being pretentious and the ingredients used are fresh and traditionally Italian. However, the menus are not overly ambitious, which allows the cooking talents to shine through. Latium is now in its eleventh year, so they must be doing something right.

We started with a basket of bread, all from Italian regions, which was accompanied by a light olive oil. We later learned that all the bread was handmade that morning, as it is every day. We were happy with the range and choice of the menu. There are enough dishes to showcase what Maurizio and his chefs are capable of, but not too many that it spins your head. Too much choice can often be off putting.

For starters we had Two celery soup with salted ricotta and almond and Buffalo mozzarella with cherry tomato, grilled courgette and basil. Both dishes were presented beautifully, with a focus on colour and design.

The buffalo mozzarella, which worked perfectly with the tomatoes and basil was simple in approach, but the light and airy textures and taste made for the perfect starter.

For mains, we chose ravioli filled with aubergines, smoked scarmorza, fresh tomato sauce, basil and anchovies. Maurizio is renowned for his ravioli dishes, and there is a separate menu dedicated to the Italian favourite. Diners will find a selection of filings including pheasant, veal, pumpkin.

We also ordered Grilled fillet of mackerel, wild chicory, capers and shallots. You could eat this dish whatever the weather.

The dessert menu was short, and each dish was authentically Italian, many that you wouldn’t find in another restaurant. We selected the Tiramisu, because when in Rome (or Latium)…and the selection of sweet filled ravioli, because how could we not.

The Tiramisu was served in a mug, which was a lovely touch, and was extremely smooth. The layer of coffee added to the texture, and it was just enough without being overbearing or sickly.

Now on to the crème de la crème. Sweet ravioli. We had three pieces, which were big enough to share (especially after having dessert already). They were filled with mint, chocolate and pineapple, and complimented each other perfectly. It was a weird combination at first, something you have to get used to, but very enjoyable. Other fillings on offer include apple and raisins, coconut sauce and pistachio

With impeccable service and a kitchen headed by a chef so talented and skilful, Latium is the ultimate dining experience. And not only are diners treated to luxury Italian food, Latium hosts an in house wine cellar, where guests are able to select their favourite wines and champagnes, all of which are Italian and many Maurizio’s favourites. And diners at the far end of the restaurant are given a unique glimpse in to the kitchen and watch their food being prepared through the large open window.

Guest review written by: Harley Smith

The pre theatre menu, which is available both early lunch and dinner is £16.50 for two courses or £22.50 for three courses. And the a la carte menu, available for dinner offers two courses for £29.50 or three courses for £35.50. Extremely competitive for the London West End


Final Verdict

A true taste of Italy in London!

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