La Trinité, Sluis (NL)

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La Trinité Lounge

Good friends of ours recommended a restaurant located in Sluis/NL. La Trinité is a one Michelin star restaurant with François de Potter as chef and the lovely Evelyne Scholtes as hostess.

Coming in, you immediately feel welcome, not in the stiff/posh kind of way, but very welcoming and open. When we entered the lovely lounge area with comfy deep blue seating and were greeted by the amazingly friendly staff, we got a really nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. This was a wonderful beginning to what I can only describe as one of the best restaurant experiences we had so far.

We enjoyed our aperitif in the lounge area and were given a nice choice of champagne, gin-tonics and cocktails. Mr. Eggplant had a glass of champagne, while I enjoyed a Kirr Royale. Honestly, the seating was so comfortable I could have stayed there all night. Soft background music and dim lighting made it all come together even more.

While enjoying our bubbles a waitress came with our first amuse (one of quite a few). Always keeping eye contact while explaining the ingredients and always with a smile on her face she put us even more at ease and helped us enjoy this culinary journey thoroughly. The amuses were in one word “incredible” . The tastes and textures were so perfectly balanced we couldn’t wait to see what was next

After about a half hour we were asked to take place at our table, again the definition of coziness. Instead of sitting across from each other we were seated close together. I sat on a bench seating with fluffy pillows and Mr. Eggplant on a comfortable armrest chair. With the glow of the beautiful chandeliers and candles the setting was wonderful for a romantic dinner.

We decided to go for the 8 course dinner with matching wines. The first appetizer was “Artichoke with summer truffle, zebra tomato, rocket salad and parmesan”. It was the best vegetarian dish I ever had, the tastes complimented each other wonderfully. Next was “king crab with avocado, salmon and watermelon”. And yes, it was as delicious as it sounds. Not to mention how beautifully these dishes were presented. All works of art on their own.

While some other restaurants with beautifully presented dishes lack the “wow” effect in taste, La Trinité definitely isnt one of them. Your taste buds go on a wonderful journey and are stimulated again and again by each dish. The last appetizer was “marinated langoustine with pepesan ikan, potato, yoghurt, cucumber”. Again, spot on.

All the wines that went with the dishes were amazing as well and very well chosen by sommelier Bart Verpraet. After all these wonderful fish dishes, we were curious to see what they could accomplish with some meat. We were not disappointed. First came the “guinea fowl with smoked eel ‘masala’, rhubarb and celeriac”.

We both agreed the fowl was delicious, perfectly cooked and went well with the other ingredients, but that the eel (which was quite sour) didn’t really need to be there. I’m sure it’s just a matter of personal taste though and someone else would have enjoyed the eel being there more than we did.

The second and last meat dish was “loin of veal BBQ, with pasta-pesto, zucchini, eggplant and black olives”. This piece of tender meat had so much flavour, it was absolutely delicious, and one of Mr. Eggplants favourites that evening. Its also nice to see how the chef was brave enough to take something as simple as “pasta-pesto” and turn it into a work of art.

Loin of veal BBQ

After we were already spoiled with all this deliciousness we still had the pleasure of enjoying not one, not two, but three desserts! Did I die and go to heaven… Probably! First was “souvenirs from Marrakech with ras el hanout, pineapple, couscous, fennel, mint and orange blossom”.

Although everything on the plate was delicious there was some very, (very!) sharp cheese in this dish that we both didn’t enjoy as much, again don’t get me wrong, for the “stinky cheese lovers” between you this wouldn’t have been a problem, it’s just a matter of personal taste as the dish itself was amazing like all the rest.

Next came my personal favourite , “spicy exotic tropical fruit with chilli and chocolate”. Oh my, this was really heaven in the mouth. The subtle taste of chilli with the richness of the chocolate and the tanginess of the fruit…

Words do not apply!

Ok, lets talk about something else because my mouth is watering and I might drool all over my keyboard. Last but definitely not least was a dessert served on a plate designed by Belgian artist Joël Moens de Hase.

The plate was a work of art put together by hundreds of photos of female bottoms. Yes, like what you imagine right now. Eating this dessert was certainly not boring (even less so if you are a guy), and the dessert itself was also exciting . “Strawberry Kiss: strawberry with rose and champagne”. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

#Foodporn #SFW

To sum everything up: this is an amazingly cozy restaurant where you get a taste of Dutch friendliness, hospitality and most of all, a taste of their amazing cooking skills. Foodbashers likey very much.

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Trip to heaven for two persons:

320 EUR In total.

+ 8 Courses
+ Kirr Royal
+ Champagne
+ Paired wines
+ Priority boarding
+ First class service


Final Verdict

And on the seventh day god created... La Trinité

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