La Mestiza, Ghent

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La Mestiza Interior

Yesterday we made a spontaneous decision to visit La Mestiza. It’s a tapas concept with Mexican and Spanish dishes. The chef of the restaurant is Maria De La Peña. The interior is quiet cozy with mood lighting and nice earth tones on the walls. The spacious terrace and Mexican background music sets the scene for an intimate rendezvous with tapas and wine.

We started off with some cocktails. “La Mestiza” consisted of Liquor 43, sparkling wine and freshly squeezed orange juice. Sounds amazing? It was. I then ordered roasted bread with Manchego cheese and guacamole while Mr. Eggplant ordered roasted bread with Serranoham and tomatoes. We agreed that both the dishes were delicious. You could definitely taste that the ingredients were fresh. The homemade guacamole was to die for, not the store-bought crap we’re used to.

Roasted Bread with Serrano

Next Mr. Eggplant ordered fajitas with beef and bell peppers. He really enjoyed those. I had the crispy burrito with chicken and sour cream. Yum. We also both shared a portion of patatas bravas (one portion was more than enough for two people) and we got a selection of homemade spicy sauces to go with our meal. The spiciest one was VERY hot (only recommended if you want to lose your taste buds for an entire day), so I appreciated the waiter (and chef) warning us about it beforehand. 

The waiter/chef helped us make a good wine choice. His suggestion turned out to be excellent (Spanish wine, 30EUR). 

A whole lott'a yummy

As icing on the cake of what was already a very nice evening we closed off with a yummy piece of chocolate cake and a coffee. We really enjoyed our evening here, the atmosphere is very relaxed, great tapas for reasonable prices (ranging from 5 to 14 EUR) nice wine and amazing cocktails. We’re quite simple people, we really don’t need much more than this to be happy.

A whole lott'a yummy

All in all we paid 85EUR for 5 dishes, 2 cocktails, a bottle of wine, dessert and coffee. Not a bad deal at all. We would definitely suggest this place for a romantic date or as a hangout place with friends and family. This is the best Mexican cuisine restaurant in the area, as far as we’re concerned. We’ll be coming back for sure.

Total: 85 EUR (everything included)


Final Verdict

A falta de pan, tortillas

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