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Let’s start by quoting their website.  “Julie’s house is a cosy pastry house overlooking the Leie river in the middle of Ghent’s historic center.” Yes, the “cake ladies” house it is located in the middle of Ghent’s historic center. I didn’t see the Leie river from where I had my pie and cupcakes but I can’t rule out there’s this one magic table that’s just at the right angle to get a glimpse of the Leie. My second floor bar gave me the feeling I was sitting in a classroom and had to stare at the other people sitting on the same floor. It was a battle between looking at my food or awkwardly staring right in front of me into other people’s face.

Anyway, lets start from the beginning. We arrived on a sunday. Me and Mrs. Strawberry invited two friends to join us. The place is popular and it was one of those days I really wanted a piece of apple pie, an iced coffee and a vanilla cupcake… When entering Julie’s house we had to wait for about 15 minutes before we where appointed a “table”. We had to order before they told us where we could sit and you get about 10 seconds to look at the menu because they hang it on a wall right at the end of the queue.

Now, I guess I could have looked at the pies that where on display but most plates where empty. There was clearly still an abundance of cheesecake and just a few other pies I couldn’t identify. Please use tags to tell people what’s the pie you are displaying! Back to the story… My friends ordered before me and all I could hear was “Sorry, we don’t have that anymore”, “Oh, that one? You have to excuse me, we’re out of that one…”. I kinda expected a pastry house to serve a lot of, well uhm.. “Pastry”?! The reason for this limited selection was that they where closed on Monday and Tuesday. If 70% of your menu is unavailable on a sunday (3PM) maybe you should close on sunday as well.

We serve a daily choice of delicious brunches, artisanal pies and colourful homemade cupcakes.Julie's House

Mrs. Strawberry got lucky. I heard she ordered a vanilla muffin and cheesecake with red fruit. The waitress actually said “Ok!”. I ordered another Vanilla Muffin and  Grandma’s apple pie. Our friends had a piece of Moelleux, another kind of cheesecake, something that tasted like cardboard (or was that the Moelleux?) and a mellow cake from hell (more about that later). We all had iced coffee.

The place is small. I think there are two or three tables at the bottom floor, they are pretty comfortable. Upstairs there are about four more tables and a bar table where five people can sit next to each other. The bar table is nice if you don’t actually like the people you’re with. If you actually want to talk to your friend, avoid that table!

Mrs. Strawberry complained about her cheesecake being to dry. My apple pie however, was to wet.  Juice was pouring out before I took a bite. Taste was “ok” but nothing special. Remember, this is THE pastry house of Ghent. The vanilla cupcake had a very heavy topping that tasted like butter and the muffin itself was gooey. Pretty disappointing.

Our friends had a problem, the homemade mellow cake was stuck onto the plate. I don’t know, maybe some people like to eat there mellow cake while sitting upside down. Another interesting property of the mellow cake was the fact that it seemed invincible. My friend slammed his knife into the upper chocolate shell but it didn’t crack at all. After a while he was able to get it of his plate (almost shooting it out of the window into the Leie River) and told me he preferred an industrial made mellow cake. The filling was way to heavy.

The iced coffee was pretty good but then again, what can go wrong with that?  We agreed not to go there again for quite a while. 

Special thanks to: Jornny and Nikita

+ 4 Iced Coffees: 12,80 EUR
Moelleux: 4,80 EUR
Mojito Royal: 12,50 EUR
+ 2 Cheesecakes: 7,60 EUR
2 Grannies apple pie: 9,60 EUR
Cheesecake red fruit: 4,80 EUR
Mutant Mellow cake2,00 EUR
Total with no tip: 41,60 EUR





Final Verdict

The cake is a lie!

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