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Intrôvert is a popular place near recreational area “de blaarmeersen“. It’s a food café but on their website they’re marketing the place as being a restaurant.  The kitchen is open non stop from 12:00. Some of the dishes like the flemish speciality “vol a vent” (if you want to know what it is, click the link) and spaghetti sauce are obviously microwaved. The place isn’t cheap so in my humble opinion they should throw away the microwave .

While eating there this summer they seemed to be experiencing some problems with staff, so we visited again to see how things were going now. This summer, service was a complete disaster to the point you had to wait 45 minutes before being approached by a waiter/waitress. This time however, things went smooth. When we walked in the waitress politely asked us if we had a reservation. We didn’t… To my surprise she just said we could choose any table. Is it just me or does that make the concept of having booked tables obsolete? The interior is -as shown in the pictures- modern, nothing to complain about. Seats are comfortable, tables are stable. 

I decided to have their signature raspberry mojito, it’s a sweeter version of the original with cut-up raspberry in the bottom of the glass. Is it worth the asking price (8,50EUR), NO! But it’s good so I find myself ordering those damn mojito’s every time. I took a quick glance of the list of drinks and for some absurd reason, they charge 17 EUR for 5cl of Monkey 47 Gin with a surplus of 3 EUR if you want a fever tree tonic with it. I sure hope they actually used a real monkey to make this gin and to be completely honest I hope there’s chopped up homo sapiens in it. 20 EUR for a small glass of medium gin (a bottle of Monkey 47 costs 36 EUR) is really ridiculous.

Anyway, let’s get to the food. We both ordered beef carpaccio as a starter. In contrast to the gin-sillyness it was only 7,50 EUR. The portions where small and it took some skill to find the pieces of parmesan cheese. For 7,50 EUR I’m not gonna complain too much, the taste of this extremely sophisticated dish was ok. This simply means non of the ingredients where expired. The meat was cut very thin, how it’s supposed to be.

As a main dish I ordered 8 pieces of spicy Nephrops norvegicus also known as “scampi with a spicy sauce”. The waitress asked if I wanted it with french fries. When a waiter/waitress suggest that I take french fries with a dish that stands or fails with the quality of the sauce, alarm bells go of. 90% of the time this means they f*cked up the sauce. I politely declined and asked to have it with bread. It was served after 20 minutes and I gotta admit, the scampi’s were cooked just right and the sauce had good texture and flavour. It was a creamy sauce and when they said spicy they actually meant “curry” but like I said, the taste was good. My biggest frustration was that they gave me only two (5x5cm) slices of bread and being left with just a fork and a knife I could only enjoy 20% of my sauce. Yes, I could ask for more bread but on my last visit I actually did just that and they gave it to me after they took away the dish. They make this mistake every time so I’m tired of complaining about it.

Mrs. Strawberry had another local dish, “endive and ham gratin and mashed potatoes”. If you want to make it yourself, read this. She told me she really liked her dish but the mashed potatoes where the cheap instant powder kind you can buy in a box at the grocery store. I guess we now know why they suggest french fries with every dish…

Conclusion, the food was allright. Nothing fancy. They keep making stupid mistakes that makes it impossible to completely enjoy what they serve. Please review the price table bellow. For a food café (and I don’t care if they call it a restaurant because IT IS a food café) and for the quality of the dishes served the prices are high. Their profit margin is huge. On the upside, service was fine (this time). 

Update (March 2015): we went back a few times. The quality of the food and the service has gone down. Last time we didn’t get what we asked for. Strawberry ordered atlantic cod with potatoes. I ordered scampi (again) with bread. After 30 minutes Strawberry got her fish with tagliatelle (a lot of tagliatelle!) and I got scampi with french fries! After asking to replace the fries with bread it still took at least another 10 minutes and another complaint from mrs Strawberry before the magical bread finally appeared. Yet again, everything tasted very bland! Note: we where the only two people eating in the “restaurant” at the time. That’s a 100% error rate. The final score has been adjusted.

+ Raspberry Mojito: 8,5 EUR
+ Mojito Original: 8 EUR
+ Mojito Royal: 12,50 EUR
+ Zombie cocktail (maison): 6 EUR
+ Beef carpaccio: 7,50 EUR
+ Endive and ham gratin: 16 EUR
+ Scampi curry: 20 EUR
+ Total with tip: 90 EUR





Final Verdict

Using real monkey in gin is a big NO NO!

Book your nightmare!

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