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This weekend we visited Il Sogno, a place that claims to be an italian-french cuisine restaurant. Situated in Waarschoot its kind of  in the middle of nowhere really, unless you’re eating there before going out dancing in the famous “Kokorico” club. Its really close to the club making it quiet convenient. We went with a group of friends, so some of the dishes I describe weren’t ordered by us. The decor was nice, classic, definitely not over-done.  The restaurant is big, with enough tables for couples and bigger groups alike. Service was quiet mediocre definitely not the friendliness you’d expect in an italian place. There were no smiles and one of the waiters was a total snob and made you feel inferior by making sarcastic faces while you ordered. Seriously, do you want to not get tipped? Because this is how you DO NOT get a tip.

Lets get started with the food.

Spumante as aperitif at 7EUR/glass. Mr. Eggplant ordered the bruschetta with parmaham as a starter. A huge slice of parmaham lay lifelessly on the very tiny piece of toast under it. Some salad and a bit of parmesan completed this very, very salty dish. Mr. Eggplant was not happy at all. This cost 13,50EUR. (red: NO I WASN’T!!!)

I ordered bruschetti “italian style” (according to the menu). Instead of one bruschetta like mr. Eggplant got, I had a few small ones with different toppings. Only one of mine resembled a real bruschetta. All except one were topped with tapanade. I mean I can smear some of that on a toast and ask 12EUR for it too. Where are the freshly chopped tomatoes, where’s the taste of garlic and olive oil? NOWHERE. By the way, this is what wikipedia says a bruschetta is supposed to be:

“Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation: [bruˈsketta ] is an antipasto from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper.”Wikipedia

The classic italian tastes were nowhere to be found in this dish.

Mr. Eggplant was feeling lucky and ordered “penne “Il Sogno” next. This was, of course, before he tasted his starter. This was 14,50EUR. Not much money for a main course you’d think, if said main course came out to be eatable. It wasn’t. On his plate sat a quiet big portion of penne pasta with an orange/brown coloured sauce. We literally could not identify what the hell it was. There seemed to be a little bit of some kind of meat in it, but it wasn’t mince or ham. Really no idea what it was and the sauce was a mystery as well. The only ingredient we were sure was in this thing (that looked like the chef had already eaten and given back) was cream. A lot of very heavy cream but no other identifiable tastes.

My main was cannelloni that also cost 14,50EUR. It was simply presented but didn’t look bad or anything. Until I took a bite. The inside wasn’t filled with bolognese as I expected, but with a very disgusting & mushy substance that tasted and felt very much like cat food. And yes, I know not all cannelloni are stuffed with bolognese, but you might want to inform people through the menu about whats inside this. There was no information at all. The only thing I can compare this to, besides cat food, is if you take a piece of pork and you chew on it (with lots of saliva going on in there) for a few hours, then spit out and roll it like play-doh you might get something similar. This threw me off eating any cannelloni anytime soon, thats for sure.

A friend of mine ordered a pizza with some kind of made-up name. You’d think an italian place would be able to make a pizza without anything weird happening. We all had to laugh when the waiter set it down. In the middle was a very random and unexpected sausage! Why? Why would you throw a whole sausage on top of a pizza and call it a day? I have no answers for you. Here is the pizza:

As often the case, the wine was the best thing they had going on.We waited about a half hour for someone to come ask us if we wanted to order dessert or get the bill. After this no one wanted to order dessert anymore, but I did take a look at the menu and I didn’t find anything exciting. Mainly ice cream and some soufflé’s.

They forgot the authentic italian taste in their dishes and all in all this was a yet another disappointing restaurant visit.

+ Spumante (2 glasses): 14,00 EUR
Bruschetta with parmaham: 13,50EUR
+ Bruschetti “italian style”: 12,00EUR
+  Penne “Il Sogno”: 14,50EUR
Cannelloni:  14,50EUR
Wine:  99EUR





Final Verdict

Mamma mia!!!! How could you serve me this?

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