Culinaria 2015, Brussels

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Yesterday we had the pleasure to take part in “Culinaria 2015 Belgium Effect“.  It took place in Tour & Taxis in Brussel. Easily accessible with a big parking, the building used to be an old industrial storage building and definitely has its charms. This big 5 day long foodie festival has Belgian as well as some international star chefs come together and each serve a dish at their own stand. It was truly unique and inspirational to see them assemble your dish before your very eyes. Each dish came paired with a glass of wine chosen by Loire Valley Wines.

Coming through the entrance you get tiny tickets handed to you which you then have to exchange for the dishes you’re going to eat at the chefs tables. You can follow the order of the tickets or chose the order yourself, if you’re feeling like dessert first, thats fine. We had menu 1 priced at 82EUR per person.

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First we had a dish served by Alex Joseph (restaurant “Rouge Tomate“). Pork cutlet with langoustine, peas and wild garlic. It was nice. Good combination of flavours, but the pork was quiet chewy and the dish as a whole didn’t really blow us away.

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Next came Martin Volkaerts (restaurant “L’Amandier“). Ganache of goose liver, steak tartare and sesame vinaigrette. The combination of the salty goose liver with the pure taste of the steak tartare was actually pleasant. All in all the dish was a bit too sticky in the mouth, it missed something fresh. We both only ate half of the portion we got and it wasn’t a big portion.

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Christophe Pauly (restaurant “Le Coq au Champs“) served his take on a popular springtime sandwich eaten in Europe with cream cheese and radishes. He added slightly salted salmon and froze his cream cheese to make it into a kind of sorbet. The dish was very fresh, nice combination of crunchy &  creamy and the icy cream cheese made everything come together. He was definitely successful in bringing the taste of spring to your plate.

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Japanese chef Kamo Tomoyasu (restaurant “Kamo“) served teriyaki duck with Valrhona chocolate. This was delicious! His attention to detail was like no other, putting beans in a row on each and every plate with chopsticks, literally checking all the dishes himself. You could see the passion and love for food that he has just by watching him work. Exceptional! Definitely the best dish of the day for us. Looking forward to visiting his restaurant sometime.

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The last dish before dessert was by Giovanni Bruno (restaurant “Senzanome“). His dish consisted of a poached egg, cappuccino made of Gran Padano, crumble of pancetta, sepia, white asparagus and shrimps. All these ingredients came in a glass and it looked nice in the beginning but after going through the poached egg this really looked a mess. Looks aside, it didn’t taste great either. The only thing you tasted to begin with was the parmesan cheese. It overpowered all the other flavours, even the pancetta and the asparagus. The whole thing was gooey, slimy and icky. I’m sure Giovanni Bruno serves much better things in his restaurant, being a star chef and all. I’m thinking this was just an experiment gone wrong for him.

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First dessert was by Lionel Rigolet (restaurant “Comme Chez Soi“). The plate consisted of “crunchy chocolate Vietnam”, Costa Rica Belcolade, raspberry, passion mousse, mango and lime. This looked AWESOME! And looks didn’t disappoint. This was something dreams are made of. Rich chocolate mixed with the exotic passionfruit and mango, delicious raspberry accents and the crunchy chocolate was heaven for our taste buds. Yummy!

Last dessert was by Marc Ducobu (restaurant “Ducobu“). The plate consisted of a dark chocolate dome filled with praliné, a lemon macaron and a fruit paste made with Wépion strawberries. The dessert came paired with Nespresso and was a nice way to close off this culinary experience. The little bite sized sweets each had their own unique tastes and went well together.

Also worth mentioning was the young chef of the day, Davy de Pourcq (Volta). Definitely very passionate about food, it was a pleasure to see his creativity first hand after already having enjoyed his food in Volta on other occasions.

After our long culinary journey with our tummies full and our senses blown away by all the different tastes we sat at the outside terrace enjoying our rather large glasses of gin&tonic by shweppes and a nice little sorbet.

This was an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The atmosphere was great, there was so much talent under one roof and we are very happy to have had the pleasure of getting a taste of what these super-chefs are capable of. Great food and wine paired with the perfect setting and live music. What more could a person want? Looking forward to next year already!

We’ve adjusted our rating system. We will give points for the dish instead of overall experience.

Price: 82EUR per person

Alex Joseph
Martin Volkaerts
Christophe Pauly
Kamo Tomoyasu
Giovanni Bruno
Lionel Rigolet
Marc Ducobu

Final Verdict

See you next year!

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