Bottom of the pit #6, Paris

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Many couples aspire to go to Paris because the city is so well-known for its romantic walks along the Seine River, sidewalk cafe dining and, of course, the Eiffel Tower all aglow at night. The other beautiful architecture, lovely hotels and fine art also help earn the city its name and reputation. Paris is also very well known for tourist scams and traps. That’s where we step in.  It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Let’s start with the 10 worst restaurants of Paris, FR according to the people who visit them!

Paris has about 13500 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason).

#10 Toro

Terrible service. Rude servers with an attitude – for example, we waited until 10:35 to get our first course, a soup, when we had arrived at 8:30. The soup was cold and we were not given spoons. When we asked for spoons we were told to wait. Really? And the second course came after 11:00. Cold, greasy and disgusting. All the time there was a Spanish singer howling in the background – now, I lived in Spain for many years and appreciate Southern style singing but this woman was a bit atrocious. Third course, cold. Almost midnight at this point. And each time we ask the servers why – in a polite fashion and in both Spanish and French – we receive a rude arrogant response. Horrible experience. Do not go here. I know the other restaurants on this street, on this strip and they are pretty great. This one? Disaster.

#9 Tartempion

On our last evening after being in Paris for over a week with my daughter, we found ourselves in Montmartre section of France and about a block away from Basilica of the Sacré Cœur (Sacred Heart). She wanted to one last time fully experience a French bistro. Unfortunately, we were drawn in by what seemed to be a “good deal” for a full meal (less beverage). This restaurant advertised a meal for about 12 Euros each on their blackboard outside. Sounds good, right? WRONG! The food was terrible, the service was even worse and to cap it off this restaurant SCAMS you with their “low priced” meal. How? They charge you almost 7 Euro just for a simple bottle of water or a can of soda. Total bill came to 38 Euro for this horrible place. Please, warn your friends and fellow travelers to completely avoid this place at all cost. It is practically criminal what they pull. So, be forewarned! AVOID THIS PLACE!

#8 American Dream

We went to the bar because it seemed cute and was close to hotel. I think this is a scam to make Americans look bad. We sat at bar and ordered chicken wings and apple pie – their specialty. I was looking at my wife next to me when I turned to look over the bar. There where hundreds of flies, I asked the bartender what was up and he said it was the fruit he puts in the drinks and then threw a dirty rag over it. They should be closed down. Out of desperation we moved to the other side of the bar and ate our food. It became obvious that no one in this American restaurant had ever been toAmerica. I heard of boneless chicken wings – but these were meatless wings! The special home made apple pie was awful. No crust, just mushy oatmeal on the bottom. No American coffee – and not that they need to speak English but they are pretending to be American and not a single person there spoke a word of English. This place should be closed down by health department.

#7 Cafe Le Dome

Never go here. Me and my girlfriend had just been to the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed a nice evening stroll through the Parisian streets and were looking for a place to enjoy a good meal. Expecting the restaurants around the area to be lovely and welcoming we chose to eat at Cafe Le Dome. It didn’t take long to realise that we had made the worst choice as we were seated alone in a separate part of the restaurant (Foodbashers note: if this happens, leave!).  We thought this was very odd and rude. After waiting 30 minutes and no waiter had come to take our orders we had to go and find them ourselves. They did not offer any apologies but ushered us back to our seats – AWFUL SERVICE. When the food finally arrived, I looked at my girlfriends plate to see the most utterly abysmal pizza I have seen in my life. It was ridiculously under cooked, there was mushroom liquid almost flowing over it. The tomatoes put on top weren’t even ripe or ready to be picked let alone eaten and to top it all off there was half of a raw chopped onion thrown on a slice. The duck confit that i had ordered was fatty, watery and had no taste – as if it was frozen and simply reheated in a microwave and chucked onto my plate seconds before serving and to top it off the béarnaise sauce had a thick layer of skin on top of it as it clearly had been left out for hours and yet they still thought it was acceptable to serve it – AWFUL FOOD. Not only was our whole experience ruined by this meal but we also had to pay extortionate prices for the garbage that was served to us – AWFUL PRICES. We cant stress enough how much we advise you to not eat here.

#6 Aux Delices De Manon (Tourist trap)

Be kind to yourself and your wallet, steer well clear of this place! These guys are scam artists and speak far better English than they let on. My fiancé ordered a sandwich from the counter and I had a Niçoise salad; we had a coffee each and were asked if we’d like some French fries with our meal. Who doesn’t love a few crunchy fries?  ‘Sure thing,’ we said. We finished our meals without any real complaint about the food. My Niçoise was ok and her sandwich was of an acceptable standard. To the establishment’s credit, the fries were pretty good but even the best fries in the world aren’t worth €9.80.  A convenient and well loved side dish masterfully omitted from the menu. On top of the ridiculously expensive fries, when asked for the bill I was told to ‘just pay at the counter’. I located our bill at the desk and instructed the cashier (in French) that we had been sitting at table four. He rang up the bill and as I was tired and in somewhat of a rush I didn’t really baulk at the total being over €50; I figured I’d messed up my currency conversion. On the way out of the restaurant (to use the word loosely) my fiancé questioned me about the bill, making me take a bit more notice and return to the cashier to enquire. I was swiftly told that we’d had two extra coffees that we indeed had not.  When I argued the point another staffer, possibly a manager, intervened and explained that the cashier must have inadvertently forgotten to clear the last person’s bill before totalling ours. It’s my summation that this ‘innocent mistake’ was anything but that.  Dine here at the peril of an empty wallet and a metaphorical bad taste in the mouth. At least the food was half decent.

#5 Gentilhommiere

We were a group of 9 looking for a pleasant Sunday lunch the day after the Ireland-France rugby game. Though we arrived separately, we waited for the others. When a waiter bothered to approach after about 20 minutes of flagrantly ignoring us, we all ordered together. The onion soup was inedible because it was so salty. My main course of cod was overcooked and tepid, and only finally arrived after 7 people of the group had well finished their main course. The green beans were boiled to extinction. We were so annoyed that we decided not to leave a tip, BUT THEY TOOK ONE ANYWAY! The bill was a whopping €224.20, given that most of the group had no starter or desdert and they were asking €9 for 50cl of draught beer. I handed in €250 and was given change of 80c!
I then demanded and got my change. Someone in charge then had the neck to hope that we had enjoyed our meal. A woman in the party set him straight and he exploded! We left to a volley of his shouts, and suggested to an innocent Parisienne at the door that she might be better fed elsewhere. She very wisely moved on. The bill says “A bientôt” at the end, but they’ll be waiting till Godot shows up before we do! Go hungry rather than eat here.

#4 La Travola

I visited this place with a group of friends before an evening out. We weren’t after anything fancy, just simple hearty food, so we did not have high expectations. The quality of food served to us was abysmal and seemed to consist of the cheapest produce (probably from Aldi) in the sloppiest of manner. Our starters started alarm bells ringing. The intriguingly named dish of “hot cheese” consisted of a few chunks of cheese on white sliced bread…and was cold. The dish of eggs mayonnaise was rather deceptive in that it consisted of single egg and lacked the mayonnaise! We all ordered pizzas for our main and were treated to the same shop bought pizza base sprinkled with a variety of processed toppings. My own pizza was called a “chef pizza”, I doubt anyone with any culinery training was necessary to sprinkle some disgusting sausage and an rubbery egg on top. Without a doubt the “best” was the pizza completely covered in whole slices of unappetising processed meats. Needless to say there were many unfinished plates at the end of the meal.  This was the kind of cooking I did as a student, if only I’d known I could have charged 20 Euros a head for it!  They say that the best way to judge a restaurant is through its toilet. If we’d seen it before we’d have never have gone in there! Others in my group said it was disgusting so heaven knows what the kitchen was like.

#3 L’Escurial

Seriously, DO NOT EAT HERE. Staff was rude (no surprises), food was badly thrown together, overpriced, tomatoes and lettuce were not washed and the glasses were dirty.  We ordered 3 salads which all had something wrong with them. I had a cesar salad which was missing croutons, bacon & cheese, but had green beans and the toughest piece of chicken I’ve ever failed at cutting into, plus unwashed tomatoes. My friend had a salad that was supposed to come with potatoes but instead got fish (who mixes rice in a salad?) and my other friend received an Itialian salad which came with rubbery cheese and sour dressing. Plus two of the three salads had a boiled egg in them which tasted like it was boiled last week.  Finally, my two friends requested mojitos as well – both were made with gin instead of vodka and neither had brown sugar, so tasted like absolute garbage.  Wish we saved our €61 and went and bought a €5 baguette from the fast food vendor on the corner instead.

#2 Bar Les 3 Quatiers

Avoid at all costs! Ended up starving with no plan in place and got totally ripped off by this place. Was given  the large beer (which is at least a litre, not a pint, and is 20 euros on its own). Was served a half chicken reheated in a microwave, with a side salad for…. wait for it…. 25 euros! Tiny glass of house white? 10 euros! Wilting chopped salad with some reheated chicken…. 20 euros! If you want to spend some more money, order the 21 Euros Cheese Burger,  or pay 19Eur for a Club Sandwich!!! Don’t forget to order a Coca Cola for your kids, it’s only 10EUR. Avoid as the plague!

#1 Wanderlust

Dinner at Wanderlust was organised by one of my colleagues and was hyped as ‘the place to be in Paris’. It’s a really large venue with a terrace area overlooking the Seine (which would be great in summer), a restaurant and a nightclub. Our booking was for the restaurant and we were advised upfront that we would not be on one table because of our size (25 people) but they would put us on smaller tables. Logic would assume that these tables would at least be near each other, but no, two were at one end of the terrace, two were at the complete opposite end of the terrace and two were inside. We were repeatedly told that those tables that were next to each other could not be joined together as this was just ‘impossible’ despite the fact that these tables were all out of the way and not likely to cause any congestion. Two of our group were vegetarian, never easy in Paris anyway, but in the end, they were forced to leave altogether as there was nothing they could eat on the menu nor were their simple requests to have modified dishes (ie. just the potatoes and vegetables, no chicken) accommodated. It took over 45 mins for our entrees to arrive but when they did everyone was very happy with them. We all enjoyed our mains and for me the best dish of the evening was the chocolate dessert. However decent the actual food was it is impossible to overlook the incredibly bad service overall. When we asked for more bread, were told there was ‘not enough bread for tonight’ and we couldn’t have any. One of our group went to the bathroom, which is shared with the nightclub, she wasn’t allowed back in through the restaurant but had to go through the nightclub and outside to get back to the table. And finally, another large group arrived and it didn’t seem ‘impossible’ for their tables to be put together. Our particular waitress did make an effort as she could see we were not happy but there’s no way on earth I would ever recommend this place to anyone. There are far better places to have an evening out in Paris. And, besides all this, I just cannot see what makes this venue the place to be.

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