Bottom of the pit #5, Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From the Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical Amsterdam sights, it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. Canal cruises are a popular way to see the city from the perspective of its canals. Amsterdam is also a city of tolerance, diversity and crappy food…  It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Let’s start with the 10 worst restaurants of Amsterdam, NL according to the people who visit them!

Amsterdam has about 2600 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason).

#10 Come back

We were looking for a place where to have a nice quite dinner with friends. Inside the restaurant it was very cold. The girl who served us mentioned some deals (specified only outside the restaurant and not inside in the menu). One of the deals was “Unlimited ribs for 16.99 euros” -only one of us ordered this when another 3 adults ordered different main meals. The “unlimited” offer was explained to us and meant that you could order as many times as you want, so our friend ordered a second plate. When the 2nd plate came he gave us all 1 bone to have a taste and this is when a guy jumped from a table and came to us raising the tone of voice and saying that we are not allowed to share the food!!! One bone meant sharing the food! Very annoying of course and then he started talking to the girl who served us and we have realised he was probably the owner of restaurant.
Of course this isn’t all: at the end, when the bill came the ribs were 19.99 euros and the tip was added on the bill 10% (added in pen ). Of course we didn’t payed the tip and we will never go back!

#9 Guadalupe

By far one of the worst dinning experiences I ever had. We arrived 1.5 hour before restaurant closes: Food was high price for very mediocre food quality, tortilla chips were actually from a Doritos package. We order 2 steak dishes (one 15 euros more expensive than the other) and they brought both as exactly same dish. They brought extra fries that we didnt order and charged us for it. But the top 2 worst moments were to come: 45min to close the restaurant, while we were just start eating they stop us and requested us to pay the bill as they need to close the cash. Unbelievably to top the experience, THEY CHARGE 20% SERVICE... and yes I had to pay 20 euros for the worst service I ever had!

#8 Pizzeria Steakhouse

It’s a trap! The restaurant looks very nice from the outside and was busy so my boyfriend and I decided it was a good choice. They had an I Heart Amsterdam sign on the door as well so we assumed we would get some discount. When we asked the waitress, she said that we are in the wrong district to use the card. Total nonsense!!!!! We were in Amsterdam, duh! The service was awful, I am not fussy but drinks had no ice or lemon in, the waiter ignored us several times and nobody asked us if the food was ok. Probably because they know how awful it is. The food; too salty, bland, over cooked, basically sloppy school dinners or a cheap microwave meal but with a 13 Euro price tag per dish : We paid just so we could get out of there quickly.  The staff where Eastern European pretending to be Italian and the food is certainly below basic standards. I cannot believe how busy it was I only assume people eat there once and never again!

#7 San Giovanni

After a long day walking through the beautiful Amsterdam we decided it was time for dinner. As Waterlooplein Square is only a few steps away from the hotel where we were staying and we have seen this restaurant along our way, we decided to go there for a pizza. As we set at our table we took a quick view of the menu. The names of the dishes were misspelled and the ingredients had very few to do with typical Italian dishes they shamefully intended to imitate. The waiter did his best to pronounce correctly “Buonasera” but that was enough to understand that his origin was miles away the Italian Land. Just to be sure I asked him if he spoke Italian but is negative answer confirmed what we thought. In the meantime I understood why it did not respond properly to a couple of happy gentlemen that were teasing him to be a Sicilian and a Mafia member. As an Italian I was very disappointed to see my National Flag standing in front of this place named itself as one of the most famous square in Rome. So we stood up without ordering anything and step away.

#6 Emmelot

Went in with four other girls and one guy. None of us were loud, or drunk etc, just tired and looking for a place for a drink and a rest before an early early bus. The waitress came over to the table and without looking at us directly said: “are you going to read the menu all night or order”. We hadn’t even been there five minutes! I asked how much it was for beers (5,50€). I said I might have to run to the bank first. She did not wait to see if anyone else would order and instead she faced the door, pointed to it and told me “out”. They don’t accept card and when I went too look in my wallet to see if I did have enough change she said “you don’t have to look”. Two of my friends were desperate for water, so they ordered (3€) and when I said we were with them, again the woman said “out”. She hovered at our table until we left. 

#5 Dim Sum Court

The owner was rude and dismissive. When I expressed I didn’t need any beverage to go with the all you can eat buffet he rolled his eyes in disgust. And when I asked for a bowl for the soup, once again he rolled his eyes.  Not only was the food bland and tasteless, there were hardly any dim sums on the buffet. The posters they had were completely unrepresentative of the food they provided.  Either they change the name of the restaurant to reflect the food on their buffet or serve up more dim sums!

#4 San Cirillo

I was in Amsterdam with two friends and we just wanted to grab a bite to eat which wasn’t too expensive.  First the waiter brought us our drinks in large even though we didn’t order them in large, but that didn’t bother us that much.  It got worse because the spaghetti was uneatable (the two other meals were ok). So we just ask if it is possible to change the meal. This lead to some pretty horrible things: The owner came to our table, he was angry and told us he would not change the meal. When we tried to explain the situation in a calm and quiet manner he got even more angry, he slammed his hand on the table screaming he won’t change it, no matter what! He was seething with rage! Long story short, we called the police, we didn’t have to pay for the meal but all in all, it was the worst experience I have EVER made in a restaurant. I have never been treated this badly, I felt threatened and frightened and since I was only spending one day in Amsterdam it completely ruined my trip!!! I am not a picky person and I didn’t expect any good food to be honest, but the meal was completely and utterly uneatable and the way they treat unsatisfied customers is shockingly inhuman! 

#3 Pacifico

 visited Pacifico with my partner on our last day in Amsterdam; two very hungry travellers. We had been wandering about looking for somewhere to eat for over an hour and made a snap decision to eat here.
Big mistake; the “customers” we had seen through the window largely turned out to be staff, bar one couple who only stayed for drinks.
Service was abysmal, we waited ages to be seated after which we were asked for a drinks order, and informed the waiter we would also like food. The drinks never came, the waiter who had served us was nowhere to be seen. Eventually a moody waitress appeared and I informed her we had still not received our drinks or menus. She huffed and scowled but eventually came back with drinks and menus…after which she disappeared! I had to get up and find her to take our order after waiting half an hour! The food didn’t take too long to arrive however it was completely inedible. My vegetarian fajitas consisted of a dish of mostly fried onions dotted with a few peppers and onions (seemingly without the slightest bit of seasoning), some hard rice, a tablespoon sized heap of grated cheese and two tiny tortillas, one of which was torn right through the middle (useless!). Furthermore the salsa and sour cream (which according to the menu came with my dish) were missing… I asked the waitress for some and she did bring them, however we were charged for them on the bill.
My partner’s chicken enchiladas consisted of lukewarm, rubbery slices of meat in tomato sauce, wrapped in two cold tortillas and topped with a handful of grated cheese. Despite this being the first thing we’d eaten all day, this was “so disgusting” he only managed a few bites.
On the bill there was another meal on there we hadn’t ordered as well as drinks we never received, the separate charges for the sides my fajitas were meant to include and most ridiculously a pencilled note at the bottom for “tip”. We left them only the money for the food and drinks we had had, and left quickly. Absolutely shocking, avoid this place at all costs.

#2 Da Antonio

We stopped off here for a quick bite to eat before needing to make our way to the airport. Situated adjacent to the flower market it occupies a busy spot, however we highly recommend walking straight past to another café / restaurant! We were horrified at the lack of food hygiene; sat inside we could see through into the kitchen from our table. The gentleman preparing our sandwiches was coughing loudly with no regard for the food around him. To make matters worse, he picked up some food with his fingers, ate it, licked his fingers and proceeded to continue preparing the food. Having witnessed this. by the time our sandwiches arrived we had completely lost our appetite and did not eat them (The chicken on them also looked awful and bread was greasy) Despite it being very evident something was wrong with the food, the waiter seemed quite happy taking our money for the sandwiches, which remained on our plates and wasn’t interested to find out what was wrong. Had we not been so keen to leave we would have made a complaint, but felt quite uncomfortable being the only people in the restaurant/café. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

#1 La Tosca

We randomly walked into this Italian restaurant while on an 8 hours-stopover in Amsterdam. Worst choice ever considering we the fact we may have never left his place (alive???)!  First we argued a bit with the owner/manager/cook (who doesn’t seem to speak English and doesn’t hesitate to insult his customers in Dutch and Italian) about the ingredients and the size of the salad and having free glasses of tap water after buying a glass of coke for 2.50€. And then, we asked for the bill. The prices on the bill were higher than the ones on the menu. We refused to pay those new prices (not yet printed apparently) and the owner/cook grabbed a knife in the kitchen and threatened to kill us with it while shouting and insulting us in Italian! After asking help to a passer-by (the waitress obviously didn’t mind the knife and was pretending nothing was going on), we ended up in the nearest police station to make a report (the only thing we could do if we didn’t want to miss our connection flight home and stay longer in Amsterdam – which we certainly didn’t want after such an experience!). Just avoid this place! The food may not be poisonous but it is cooked by a crazy dangerous old man who doesn’t hesitate to rip tourists off by threatening them with a knife!

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