Bottom of the pit #4, Antwerp

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Antwerp, better known as the diamond city or the city by it’s inhabitants has some very nice restaurants. It’s hard to reach the top of the culinary landscape. It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Let’s start with the 10 worst restaurants of Brussels, BE according to the people who visit them!

Antwerp has about 1000 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason).

#10 Diamonds and Pearls

I had booked a table for a brunch at Diamonds and Pearls, some weeks in advance. When we arrived, it was closed, and a paper was attached to the door, stating that they had “stopped offering brunch”. I had booked via e-mail so they had my contact data, would have been quite easy to inform me on beforehand. I have also heard bad things about them (just search the Internet), from charging more than promised to not accepting credit cards all of a sudden. Stay far away from this place! Antwerp has many charming gems to offer, so no need to go to this shabby place.

#9 De Herk

Walked past this place many times and it looked nice. Well, unless you have all day and happy with most the menu crossed out don’t bother!! Apart from another table finishing their meals I was the only one there. Drink arrived fine but I sat in front of the bar and it took 10 mins for the  waitress to take order (busy on phone!). No options on the salad with meat . When I enquired if there was vegetables alternative…a flat ‘No’. Ok, so I ordered the house soup and steak (Foodbashers comment: first asking for vegetable alternative and then ordering a steak is pretty weird) . After 30 mins I hear frying noises in kitchen (remember I am the only person being cooked for)… I asked “excuse me”... The waitress looks up from phone her acknowledges me but then reverts back to the phone to finish her text before then giving me her attention. I enquired how long it would take for the soup to be served? She asked the chef in the kitchen. Next thing I hear is a microwave door slam…frying stopped!! At this point I cancelled my order. On my way out the soup arrived…no thanks…never again! A shame the place has potential, but the service is unacceptable.

#8 Oriental Delight (closed)

Honestly, I wouldn’t given this food to the dog. Nauseatingly unrefined and barely edible. No sign of a fresh vegetable and everything sodden in poor quality fat. Quite the worst Chinese food I have every been served. As if to compliment the food, the restaurant was cold and the music was appalling. The overbearing owner took great pleasure in standing over the table uncomfortably long, as if to see if anybody was actually going to eat this stuff.

#7 XO

This restaurant (so called) is  not a good address in Antwerpen. We were a group of 7 people. We had to wait almost 1h to be served. Every people around us received their dishes even though they arrived after us. Waiter was awful. When the bill came, he wanted one person to pay the full amount. We had to insist to split it (over 150€ is quite expensive for just one person!). One precision, staff is not willing to speak in french, whereas they understand it. About dishes: what you have in your plate doesn’t fit to the menu (burgers without bread) and carbonade flamande not tasty (clearly lack of gingerbrad). To conclude, cross your way.

#6 Bacino

Today  I called the restaurant for a reservation as I’ve gotten hold of a reduction voucher from a magazine. When arriving there with my girlfriend. After the hostess discovered I had a voucher she showed us her back.  When complaining to the other waiter, she became angry, said she didn’t do anything wrong and started shouting so hard that other customers could clearly hear it. I was so ashamed for me and my girlfriend… This is the worst service we ever had.

#5 Bella Capri

If you are of tanned Asian color skinned, a regular customer, a table turner, this restaurant will still surprisingly CONSISTENTLY treat you very poorly. They have no sense of politeness.  On Saturday nights it will take them 1 hour to get a pizza and they shall talk to you as if they have done you a favor of serving you. If you call for reservations, they will tell you there are no reservations taken. When you get there on seeing a free table, they will tell you the free table is reserved; complete bias.  I really wonder how such places can still go on. Never again!

#4 Saffraan (Closed)

Having been here previously and not being impressed, I was forced to attended a dinner with business colleagues. Very nice interior setting and nice table cloths glasses etc. OMG what a disaster! Where do I start and how this restaurants can even start to think it can make and serve anything like Indian food is way beyond me, I am English and from part of the UK famous for Indian cooking so trust me, I really do know what I’m talking about. I cannot understand how people can visit this place and give it a positive review, clearly these reviews are posted but people with no idea about Indian food. Min courses 21 to 25 Euros for Indian food !!!!!! really this is not right. If they were fantastic that would be still way too much, so imagine how disappointed you will be with a main course like bitter soup with some oil floating on the top and hiding under this greasy film pieces of what once upon a time may have been chicken. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this place as if it was on the banks of the Ganges and the food was cooked in the river water, its disgusting in every respect. I’m 150% sure this is the worst ‘Indian’ in Europe! 

#3 Garden of India

Definitely the worst Indian restaurant in Antwerp! Stay away and save your money! My husband and I LOVE Indian food and eat out allot but this one is a new worst.  The papadams at the beginning (only 2 and small) were very dry and with caraway seeds which is not to my liking. it was annoying not to be given a choice. The “chutneys” if you can call it like that were horrific. It looked like a chemical paste and tasted like it too.  It took 40 minutes for the mains to arrive (the place was empty!!!) and when it did arrive, oh what a disappointment… the plates were SO tiny and the rice was also extremely small. We ordered a keema naan which was burned and very dry with hardly any meat in it.  The food wasn’t very warm too…  Also in the 40 minutes we waited we heard the microwave beeping the whole time! To top it all when my husband went to pay (we wanted to get the hell out of there!) he saw a burning cigaret in the entrance of the kitchen.  In conclusion; don’t bother… just skip it and look for somewhere else. Chips would be better then this!

#2 La Torre

If you expect real Italian food, then you’re in for a complete disappointment. First of all the staff at the restaurant is not Italian, I don’t think they even understand Italian. Sure they give you the impression they are Italian by using some Italian words, but knowing some Italian words doesn’t make you Italian at all.  And then there’s the food. It really is awful. I ordered penne all’arrabbiata, thinking that this is a dish where you can’t do much wrong. How wrong was I. The penne was overcooked and not al dente as it should be. Then there was the sauce, if you could call it sauce. When I order penne all’arrabbiata I expect a fresh spicy tomato sauce with still some small chunks of tomato. The sauce I got was made of passata or maybe even ketchup and then they added some tabasco sauce to make it spicy. Not exactly the sauce you’d expect when ordering penne all’arrabbiata. It didn’t taste good at all. Someone else from our group ordered escalope milanese, a dish that is typically served with pasta and a tomato sauce. However in this restaurant they served it with french fries and mayonaise. Even the Cokes we ordered were awful. Someone had clearly left the bottle open, which resulted in Cokes without any sparkles in it. This restaurant is clearly focussing on tourists, people that eat there once and never come back again. I don’t think they have any regulars. If you want to enjoy some real Italian dishes don’t go there. It’s not worth spending your money on.

#1 ‘t Antwerps Mosselhuis

Yesterday my friends and I ate at ‘Antwerps Mosselhuis’, managed by extremely unfriendly owner serving terrible ‘food’.  We went there with Groupon tickets for a officially a 5-course meal (including ‘Tomato and shrimps’ and a plate with clams).  Before getting there, I called them at least 10 times and I always got their voicemail, left a message on their website, sent an email... never any reply. Apparently we had to book through a particular website on Groupon – ok, blame me, I didn’t see this in the explanation on the voucher.  Arriving there, my friends were told that there was no reservation, and they usually work with timeslots… well, arriving at 7pm with the restaurant empty (besides 4 other people) could mean an opportunity, right?! The manager lets us take a seat, we have to wait at least 10mins before he asks us what we’d like to drink. Once received the drinks, he simply mentions that, because we did not have a reservation, we cannot have the 2 additional courses (see above) as they are usually pre-ordered and prepared – we only get a 3-meal course. When I ask him if he would compensate with some drinks as a counter-gesture, he tells us we’re lucky to have a table… customer-friendliness is very far away. We get a terrible tomato soup with a blob of shifting cream – not hot enough, … We order mussels – some spare ribs as one of my friends read on a forum that Mosselhuis often serves sandy mussels, very small, terrible quality, … He proved to be more than right, damn me for not trusting him… On top, the first load of spare ribs my friend got, seemed re-heated from the day before. Extremely dry, … when asking for a sauce: no, no sauce with the spare ribs… some mayonaise? Yes, that he could do, THANK YOU…  My friend ordered ‘naturally prepared’ mussels… he opens the pot and sees there’s plenty of sand/dirt inside, on top it smells like a sewer (and I’m not exagerating here). I’m not a great cook, but even I know that mussels need to be cleaned and rinced, before cooking. My pot had ‘curry’ inside, which masked somewhat the smell and the experience… When my friend mentioned the sandy mussels to the manager, he simply doesn’t react. When we ask for another drink (we drink Duvel), he gives us a bottle, we have to re-use the same glass for 4 drinks… when charging €4 per Duvel (which is a lot!), at least some service could be in place. We asked for 2nd portion of mussels, since our friend who arrived a little later got slightly bigger mussels… when opening the pots, we were overwhelmed by an even stronger smell of sewer… we left the mussels untouched, asked for the desert, paid the bill and left. In the bar we visited afterwards, we were lucky to get some peanuts… I sincerely hope Groupon refunds me the last voucher I have left, as I will definitely not place another foot in this disgrace to the restaurant business.

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