Bottom of the pit #2, London

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It’s hard to reach the top of the culinary landscape. It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Let’s start with the 10 worst restaurants of London, UK according to the people who visit them!

Ghent has about 18200 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason).

#10 Palace Restaurant

Having fancied a quick snack we entered the cafe from hell to be barked at that we would need to order before we can sit down, i asked for a menu to which she shouted its at the front. One member of our party was not eating and was glared at and I thought was going to launched out the door. Food order was wrong while she was sorting that out a tourist asked for more hot water for there tea in which she shouted “you are going to have to wait”. The prices she charges are ludicrous and then to add insult to injury she adds a service charge on. The place is dark and dingy and god forbid you ever needed anything all you would get is a mouthful of abuse. My jaw hit the ground at how unbelievably rude this lady is.

#9 The Italian Restaurant

We sat at a table for six although we were only two. the waitress had her mobile phone clamped to her ear as we were seated. I knew we should have left then. We ordered, my glass was chipped on the rim, the menu was filthy and falling to pieces. We would have gone for a more elaborate lunch but I had a feeling we would not be lingering. The garlic bread was soggy white bread smeared with garlic butter, starter ok but nothing special. Main course was hot but I needed a microscope to find the bacon. I had to ask for parmasen cheese and black pepper. No one asked if we wanted dessert or coffee or whether our lunch was ok. The staff kept out of the way unless you caught their eye. Worst of all, went to the toilets and they were filthy. The whole place was grubby, our table was sticky and the stair bannister leading to the toilets was mucky. I went to pay and get out, the bill was written on a scrappy piece of paper in biro and I was told the card machine was not working, cash only. No mention of this beforehand. Fortunately we had the cash. Avoid this place, it is a health risk.

#8 Scotch Steak House

Like others we were walking the street at night, and was seriously hungry. Sadly I had a work phone with me, so no data access. I’ve been kicking myself ever since for not checking the place first ever since.vThe place has the atmosphere of a converted chinese restaurant, which is fair enough. However the selection is limited (onlu two types of sauce – mushroom or pepper – and by taste it was the same, just with mushrooms or peppers added just before serving) . The steak was not good, (luckily my primary T-bone was sold out – saved me a few quid) not tender and with really tough tendons interspersed. Had chewing-gum feeling (though I will take some blame as I had ordered medium well done)  The steak came simply with lettuce, onion, and some cucumber- and tomato slices. Chips, sauce – everything was extra.  Also added onion rings – BAD mistake! Those came directly from a frozen packet, and had probably just gotten a quick warming on a frying pan – if those had been anywhere near a deep-frier before we got them, you can call me Meyer! The staff was efficient in getting us seated and taking our order, but when they delivered they had left out a few items. All in all I’m not going back ( and would recommend anyone thinking about entering to move along.  Also the prices were optimistic for the quality of food. I do not mind paying for good food – but this was expensive and poor.

#7 Lorenzos London

It was raining and we were hungry, we had walked past this several times during our stay in and should have done so on this occasion. In we went, the place was empty which should have told us something. We didn’t want Italian that night and as the sign outside said steak and chips we agreed that it would be nice. My wife ordered the steak with vegetables, I ordered a mixed grill with chips and a fried egg. The meals arrived, mine was served with shoe string fries not chips, and there was no fried egg. OK, as I said we were hungry, lets just eat. It would have nice if we could have eaten it, this was the toughest meat we have ever had anywhere and we have been to quite a few places in the world. Everything had been salted to the max and was inedible, what they charged for the privilege bordered on criminal. My advice is avoid like the plague!

#6 Love And Liquor

I hired out the champagne room for my 30th birthday. Reasonable deposit and lovely bar staff. But at around 2am when most of my guests had gone home I asked if I could have my deposit back as I was leaving. The manager sent messages back and forth through bar staff saying that if I wanted my deposit that night I would have to stay till 3am which was never previously mentioned at all. He said he would transfer me the deposit on Monday however when I went to book the venue he told me it all has to be cash and I would get cash back. There was no minimum spend and nothing had been broken so I could not see why he would not give me the money. Eventually he came upstairs held me by my shoulders in a very intimidating way and shouted at me that it was ridiculous that we wanted to leave before closing time and that had never happened to him in 15 years. At this point I was really worried I would not get the money back at all and in tears due to how aggressive he was being. My friends asked him to back away and stop shouting at me. He started calling us all weird and saying we were all peasants. My friends asked him to put it in writing that he was willing to give me the deposit back the following day or shake on it which was a verbal and legally binding contract (one of my friends was a lawyer) at this point he said he would get the money and stormed off. He returned a few minutes later and handed me the money whilst shouting we were all weird and peasants and to get out. Extremely unpleasant and aggressive man who utterly ruined what had been a fairly good birthday. The bar is ok but prices are ridiculous (£8 for a single vodka coke) and the manager (Richard) one of the worst human beings I have ever met.

#5 Bamboo Baboom

Wow, what can we say?! We’ve felt pretty rotten all day after eating what only can be described as simply shocking food last night from this God awful place – I wish we’d seen the reviews first! It’s tasteless, over-priced, they took an age in delivering and then never brought the prawn crackers we’d ordered… although going by the rest of what we ordered, it’s probably best they did forget as I dread to think what they’d have been like! In short, don’t order ANYTHING from this place and if you work for “Bamboo Baboom” I think it’s time to find a different business before you poison someone!

#4 Iso Sushi

I usually order from a good few sushi restaurants in the area which are pretty good. As they were all closed midday I decided to order via ISO sushi. This is the first and last time I will order from here. The food was sub standard… The prawns tasted like they were fried from a fish and chip shop and the batter was soft and unpleasant.  They crispy salmon was terrible. It was moist and basically half a salmon fillet rolled up.  The food tasted as if it was all pre-bought packets. I honestly get the impression this is somebody’s home kitchen who doesn’t fully get sushi but wants to charge for it. Most concerning of all was that I checked their hygiene rating through the food standards agency and they have 1 out of 5 with the message “Major Improvement Necessary” 

#3 Ristorante Vecchiomondo

I was staying over the road from this ‘restaurant’ which didn’t seem too bad from outside so I thought I’d give it a go.  I went in just after seven and there was no one else in, just the waitress who was still cleaning so it smelled a little of bleach and she wasn’t particularly welcoming. I took a table near the window and was given a menu – it was so cold though I was practically shivering.  I order a bottle of Stella for almost £6 along with a shrimp cocktail to start and pizza for main.  More people started arriving including some American tourists – no wonder us brits get such a bad food rep with places like this. The same lady seated everyone and kept disappearing into the kitchen – I caught a glimpse through the door and it seemed she was also the chef! Anyway, starter came with large pieces of salad that were starting to go brown and shrimp that had obviously been defrosted in the fridge for to long – very dry and strange tasting. The Marie sauce was saved separately and was sickly sweet. It was so bad and at £8 that for one of the first times ever I sent it back and refused to eat it. To be fair she was ok about it. I was starving by this point and the pizza came. This was very strange and they had managed to burn the base. The cheese on it was something like cheddar and was full of it. The chicken that was on there was again dry and not appealing but I ate most of it without enjoying it. After all this when the bill came they added a service charge of 15% for poor service. If work hadn’t been paying for the this I would have refused to pay it but I just wanted to get out of there. So my advice is simple – do not go to this dump, hopefully it will close soon and someone who knows what they’re doing can take over this place! Absolutely awful!

#2 Basrah Lounge

I am absolutely appalled by the service of this shisha place. My mother and I were waiting for a friend (who is a regular customer of Basrah Lounge) to arrive. I was actually very excited about going to this place….We asked for a drink and a shawirma. They said they cannot serve us until our friend arrives as they will only serve with shisha (she was due to arrive in 20 min). I asked for the manager. The waiter instructed for me to go to the manager as he wont come to me. I went up (I am a female) and said i wasnt feeling well and wanted to eat something. He didnt believe me and tried to intimidate me explaining the rules. I said to him that nothing he can say will make a difference as i had never heard of such a rule (i am born bred in the UK and based now in Dubai, originally an Arab). All i need right now is some food and I know exactly how it works everywhere. He told me whether I listen or don’t listen thats my problem and was furthermore very rude to me. I was absolutely shocked at his treatment. No respect whatsoever. I noticed the rest of the staff were very rude as well, I don’t know what has got into them and I am shocked that they are still open. My friend came and i told her there was no way i was going to stay. She begged me to give it a chance and I sat there without eating or drinking anything waiting to see if i will get an apology. I was told by the waiter that I can wait all I want as the manager will not come and apologise. The manager it turns out is not the real manager but you can smell the ego a mile off thinking he is Simon Cowell. I hope to God he is reading this as I am not stopping here. Never ever have i been reduced to such attitude. Oh, and incase everyone is wondering, they dont only discriminate against non-arabs but also towards women including from their homeland. This place should be closed down or at least get new staff in that know the meaning of respect. I get your policy (whatever it means) but will not accept disrespect. You are nothing special, trust me!

#1 Zorba’s Greek Tavern

On Christmas Day we had a confirmed reservation for Kalamaras Greek Taverna, but it seemed to be closed. So we searched and finally found Zorba’s Greek Taverna. The welcome was friendly and that was the only positive. We ordered starters and main course. Only my husband got his soup after an hour. My son ordered Greek sausages, he only got one very little sausage that was burned outside and raw on the inside. We asked the waiter to take it away and said we wanted to cancel the rest of our order and wanted to pay. He said that that wasn’t possible because our Souvlaki was already on the grill. After a while he brought us each 9 little pieces of meat on a plate, impossible to cut and not tasty at all. We didn’t eat it and decided to go. We asked for the bill and complained about the food and service but the waiter didn’t listen and turned his back on us. We had to pay 86 pounds! While waiting there we saw raw meat on a plate near the ground, it wasn’t cooled or covered properly. The cooler near the entrance showed a temperature of 10,8 degree and contained raw fish and meat. Clearly bad hygiene, bad service and a disgrace for all the good (Greek) restaurants in London. We can’t believe that this restaurant is still open, because afterwards we found bad critics on the internet since 2007!

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