Bottom of the pit #11, Barcelona

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Barcelona, The City of Counts, The City of Gaudi and as like major city, a web of tourist traps. This is where we step in.  It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Here are the 10 worst restaurants of Barcelona, Spain according to the people who visit them!

Barcelona has about 7000 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason). Let the #foodbashing begin!

#10 Restaurant Oriente

Cannot stress how awful this place is!!!!!! after having eating in a few of the restaurant down Las Rambles, we were expecting a nice meal. I ordered the spaghetti carbonara which was completely inedible. overcooked rubbery spaghetti with the blandest excuse for a sauce I’ve ever tasted. Totally appauled.

My boyfriend ordered the paella which, again, was a microwaved mess. We were so taken aback with what had been put in front of us we complained. The waiter then brought out the manager who started screaming at us and pointing his finger in my boyfriend face saying there was nothing wrong with the food. At this point, we were shocked by the food, the staff, the owner and the service and explained we were not happy to pay for our main course.

Conveniently for the restaurant oriente, the policia office is right next door to them and they were swiftly brought over to ensure we paid. My boyfriend orders Fanta lemon, basically the amount of a can poured into a massive vase. It was 6 euro!!!! We felt completely robbed and then embarrassed by the place. Shame our last day had to end that way!

#9 Restaurant Ideal

Our visit started terribly and just got worse. When I and my two friends walked in, the staff ignored us completely. We actually had to go to the back of the restaurant where two of the waiters were standing to ask for a table. The first one shrugged; the second just looked at us and walked off. We ended up awkwardly seating ourselves and didn’t receive menus until a full ten minutes later.

We ordered as follows: two pasta dishes (the bolognese and the pesto) and a pizza. Mine was the pesto. It was actually so terrible that I could not eat it. My friend’s bolognese was equally terrible. Neither of us finished even half of our meals and chose to go home hungry instead of eating it. We ended up each having a few bites of the small pizza, which was cold and soggy.

Actually inedible food, rude service, and a bill of more than 40 euros. Avoid this place at all costs.

#8 San Remo Restaurant and Pizzaria

Not only is the food mediocre at best; in my opinion the manager intentionally solicits tourists with their “special” then substitutes items and charges a la carte prices. I actually overheard the discussion with the staff about charging the “Americana Rubia” -blonde American – and then my $30 bill somehow turned into $50.

This place had the rudest manager I have ever dealt with and he actually yelled at me and threatened to have me arrested (after I had paid the bill but didn’t leave quickly enough for him because he was ready to go home) no I’m not crazy 🙂 this really happened.

This place gives Las Ramblas and Barcelona a bad name and should be closed down.

#7 Restaurant Bar Picasso

Me and my partner stopped here for something to eat while going to sagrada famalia. I had a ‘complete beef burger’ (or so it said on the menu) which turned out to be some floppy thin processed meat in a bread bun with a slice of tomato and burger cheese… Basically it tasted like the way it looked, one big mess… I think it was a store bought rustler burger (1 EUR where I come from), the only difference was I paid 8 euros for this version!

Complete rip off, i would have rather starved. My boyfriends squid burger (foodbashers note: seriously, who orders a squid burger?) was no better, 9 euros for about 3 dry battered squid rings in a stale bread bun, not even any butter!

I wouldn’t feed the food here to my dog because it would be an act of animal cruelty. Seriously, walk a little further to find somewhere better. In my opinion being starved is a better option than paying stupid prices for this vile food.

#6 Euskal Restaurant

During a recent stag weekend my friends and I went here for something to eat. It looked like a nice place and I fancied some nice Spanish Paella. 

There were 11 of us and we were seated upstairs straight away. We ordered some drinks, looked at the menu then ordered some food. 10 minutes later the manager came and asked if we wanted starters because the food was going to be a while. We were a little cheeky and asked if it would be free seeing as we were on a stag weekend. He smiled and said “yes ok”. He just walked off and came back with some squid rings, a couple of plates of ham and some tomato bread. We didn’t even chose any of it from a menu. We tucked in anyway and thought nothing of it.

Our mains arrived not long after and they’d messed up some of the orders. The steaks were cooked wrong and a one of the dishes wasn’t what we had asked for. He did take the steaks away and rectify that but one of the lads just ate what he’d been given despite it not being what he asked for. My paella was ok but there wasn’t much seafood in it.

Once we had finished we were given a complimentary shot of Pacharán each then we asked for the bill. To our surprise they had added the “free” starters to the bill. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it was 20€ but it was 200€ !! It almost doubled our bill. When we asked him to rectify the bill he refused. We explained that he had said they were free but his English was suddenly very poor and he just kept saying no!

We decided to pay for our drinks and mains and walked out. They weren’t happy about that and proceeded to man-handle 2 of our friends and refused to let them leave the restaurant. The police turned up 2 minutes later and we all had a bit of an argument. After much arguing the manager agreed to one of our friends that he did say they were free but then changed his mind when the police asked him and we ended up having to payBunch of con artists!

#5 Cerveceria

Enter at your own risk. This place is home of some of the most shocking food and customer service I have seen anywhere in the world.

Prices are astronomical, staff are disinterested and rude and cleaning resources have obviously been in short supply. Service was slow, the first few tapas out were stone cold. On reporting this, dishes were thrown in a microwave for 30 seconds in direct view of the whole bar. When one of our party bit into a chicken wing to discover it was dripping with blood, he complained and was laughed at by the staff. The manageress quickly threw it in the bin before anyone noticed and then proceeded to insult “the f****** English” in her native Spanish.

Needless to say, it was pointed out that the problem wasn’t that we were English, it was that she and her staff couldn’t do their jobs properly. On receipt of some more choice insults, we paid for the little food we got and walked out. Burgers from a local fast food restaurant were clearly the safer option.

#4 Cerveceria Naviera Hosteleria Alemana

I had one order of chicken skewer and also took a shrimp skewer. The two skewers were served respectively, also some potatoes came with the chicken but when

I checked my receipt before paying and I had been charged twice for the shrimp skewer, which cost 9.8 EUR (4.9 euro per each). They told me this was normal. You got two skewers for every order. When I told them that I only ordered one the manager responded: “but you ate them, huh ?” They totally made me speechless.

The bread (that was served automatically upon seated) was also charged, but I never touched it so I didn’t have to pay for it luckily!
Having a table outside(terrace) costs more. Even if other tables become available afterwards, you can’t be allowed to change tables.

I understand that this tapas bar really attracts you because they prepare various kinds of tapas and many tourists were taking photos of them preparing them. It’s also located in Ramblas, a very popular area. However… don’t, don’t, DON’T go there ! You will be just ripped off

#3 Celler del Trabucaire

We were on our way home after four lovely days in Barcelona and wanted a quick lunch so we stopped here as it was next to the Metro. We asked for a menu but were told there wasn’t one – first alarm bell. We asked what they had the waiter suggested a sandwiches with ham or cheese. We asked for a drinks list. Again he told us they didn’t have one but he could arrange a glass of sangria. So against better judgement and under time pressure agreed to two sandwiches and two glasses of sangria.

Out came two stale rolls with questionable fillings and two enormous pints of sangria. We said only wanted a glass but again the waiter said this was the only size. The sandwiches were barely edible and sangria awful, cheap and nasty and clearly a ridiculous volume.

Then came the bill 42 EUR for the sangria and 17 EUR for the sandwiches!!!!!!! Needless to say we complained immediately and were told by the waiter that this is what we should expect as we were tourists sitting on the Passieg De Gracia. How dare he!! We objected further and then he threatened to call the police – what a outrage. How do these people continue to stay in business? Surely the Barcelona tourist board and restaurant licensing authority should close these kinds of outfits down. We went inside to see the management and were again told that was the normal price. In the previous days we had been to many bars and restaurants in this area and had great meals at very reasonable prices. This total rip off combined with the dismissive aggression of the staff left a very bitter taste in our mouths just like the sangria not to mention a sorry end to what had been a great Barcelona visit. These people should be ashamed.

#2 Amatxu (Tourist Trap)

Incredible high prices with the worst service ever… Right in the middle of the Ramblas this has been labelled recetly as “the worst restaurant in Barcelona”. The trick is that they offered you some tapas with your drink without warning you that the tapas are nearly 8€ each but they are even in such an unhealthy sanitary condition that it is a complete mistake to eat them… The infamous Amatxu Tapas set cost 99€ for 16 small and disgunting tapas!! A total rip off with titanic proportions! 

This place should be immediately shut down by the Spanish authorities and Health and Safety. It is a shame that in such a touristic country places like this still exist. They take advantage of tourist (both foreign and national) charging incredible high prices and if you do not pay they will use force or coercion with two strong guys working there…  So, please do not go!! And as a Spaniard lots of apologies for this shameful place

#1 La Baguetina Catalana (Tourist Trap)

We at foodbasher had to give this restaurant the number one spot because it has more then 500 bad reviews and zero good/average reviews. Here’s the story told by some poor traveler:

We stopped in here right after visiting the Cathedral just to grab a drink, a small bite to eat and to check the map to see what we’d do next. I asked the waiter for a red wine for me and a freshly squeezed orange juice for my girlfriend, and a menu.

He came back with a concentrated orange drink for her and a beer for me, which I gave back and said I asked for a red wine. He then came back with a white wine and no menu so I asked him again for a red wine and a menu.  He then returned with a chilled red wine and no menu. When I saw the drink I gave up asking for the menu.

We finished the drinks quickly and asked for the bill, which was return with a price of €12. 6EUR for the chilled red wine and 6EUR for the cheap, concentrate orange drink. When I questioned the bill, the waiter then pretended not to speak any English even though we were greeted and served in English.  This was the most annoying thing, this place is a stones throw from the cathedral and ALL the staff pretended not to speak English when I questioned the bill.

I shouldn’t have paid but as we were on holiday and in good form (just prior to this) I left the money and left pretty disgusted and in bad form. We’ll never be back and hope no one else will either!

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