Bottom of the pit #10, Berlin

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Berlin, the German capital, is renowned for its exceptional variety of attractions, its flourishing cultural scene and a way of life that’s both fast-paced and relaxed. Berlin has some of the worst restaurants in the world (and some of the best) and as always that’s where we step in.  It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Here are the 10 worst restaurants of Berlin, Germany according to the people who visit them!

Berlin has about 6000 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason). Let the #foodbashing begin!

#10 Aznavourian

Tables were packed so close together you’re practically sitting with the people at the neighbouring table. Service was slow. Onion soup tasted overcooked.

Our18 Euro seafood platter consisted of two small shrimps and two tiny fillets wrapped in tinfoil — is this a döner shop? — with a side of two small pieces of garlic bread and a small tomato salad which the waiter tried to remove before I’d finished eating it.

The Potatoes served with Coq au Vin were cold and when this was brought to the attention of the waiter he removed the entire plate and brought it back ten minutes later with half the amount of food on it. At least the tiny amount of potatoes were warm then. Did not have the courage to order desert. Live piano music was good while it lasted.

#9 Bar Tavola Calda Sant’ Anna

We visited this restaurant on our first night in Berlin during our recent stay there. It was in a prime location and the choices on the menu looked promising. On arrival we noted they had indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating was in a marque with plenty of heaters. The waiter greeted us and we said a table for two and were given a table outside. We were never given an option to sit inside. We didn’t think this would be an issue as there were heaters and noted that everyone was given blankets when they arrived. However, I don’t know if it was an oversight but we weren’t given any blankets when we arrived. It took the waiter about 20 minutes to take our order.

I ordered steak and chips and my wife ordered pork medallions on a mushroom sauce with two mirinda (fizzy orange) to drink.  When the drinks arrived they were so flat and tasted watered down. Not being someone who complains alot I thought we’d wait for the food and give them the benefit of the doubt. We waited about 45 minutes for the food and began to notice people who had come to the restaurant after us were getting there food and we weren’t. We tried unsuccessfully to get the waiters attention, it felt almost as if he was avoiding us.

The food was OK at best. My steak Was nice enough but no flavouring whatsoever and my wife said her pork medallions were fairly tasteless. The chips tasted if they were cooked in too much oil and had a very oily taste. Was somewhat off putting. The man who brought over the bill and sorted the money wasn’t a waiter and just threw the bill on the table without a word and even when sorting out the money he didn’t say anything. The poor attitude really let this place down.

#8 Sushi club

We were hoping to get some decent quality sushi for a reasonable low price. Like the gazillions of brunch places all scattered throughout berlin, who serve for a low price excellent food.. However, none of that at this place, we got what we paid for and that is cheap sushi.

First of all their concept sucks, there is a small belt continously serving a limited variation of sushi. The belt is placed at the middle of the restaurant and you have to get up from your seat and go get em there. Which is not that bad except that people are also seated at the belt (room for max 10 people, again its a very small belt) so you have to literally push your way through the people at times.

Secondly, the relation of rice to filling is tilted heavily towards rice. Meaning you are just eating rice balls with a tiny bit of veggy / fish. We left lots of rice untouched just eating the filling which actually got us a “warning” from the manager. And finally the variation is just poor – no warm snacks to begin (except mini springrolls) with and loads of the cheaper maki’s and barely any decent nigiri..

If you love rice that much, this may be the place for overpriced rice balls.

#7 Oscal & Co

We where 5 friends and a baby in Berlin, and we unfortunately decided to eat here. Three of us had Pizza, they looked really nice, and had they not been burned at the edges and raw in the middle, they would actually have been nice.  My wife had pasta, which was undercooked, even our 18 month old Daughter who loves pasta refused to eat any of it.

The 5th of us had a Steak, which first of all was tiny, and second had been overdone. While the cola and wine we had where OK, the 3 men had a Beer called Alster, it tasted like the water had been taken out of the stale lake the has the same name, horrible. To top it all off, it was quite hard to get in contact with a waiter outside, where we where seated, as they where all kept inside watching tv (soccer). This meal was eaten on my 10th trip to Berlin, and it easy qualifies as the worst one yet.

#6 Sen Restaurant

We stayed in Berlin for three nights at the Westin Grand and the concierge pointed us to this restaurant. It is a fairly long walk in the cold from the hotel. Upon arrival we noticed the cash desk for the restaurant doubles as a hotel reception desk as well. We spoke English to one of the ladies who just said we could sit anywhere we pleased.

When we were ready to order the restaurant sent over the one person who didn’t speak any English to take our order! That did not make any sense to us because clearly there were others working who understood English and spoke it fairly well. After much hand gesturing and pointing to the menu we finally got our order in. The food is ok, nothing to write home about. This opinion is coming from someone that has had plenty of viet food in Berlin and basing my opinion by Berlin standards. Not even close to what I have had in Berlin!

This is the part we feel we got conned: as we sat down for dinner so did a local German couple that sat next to us. We also finished at around the same time and asked for our bills about the same time from the male server. On our bill in huge ENGLISH words it said “Tip is not included!” (Yes he used the exclamation mark as well, as to punctuate the fact) YET on the German couples’ bill, nothing was written on it!!! I don’t mind leaving a good tip, if service was great. I hate being forced to when in Germany, the locals leave nothing! If that waiter wasn’t trying to prey on tourists, I’m the Pope. At our hotel, we had 50 euros breakfast every morning with great service, and the staff there didn’t expect a tip. Please don’t tell me a dump like this restaurant expects one!! Go elsewhere for better food, and where you won’t get conned or ripped off.

#5 Anatre

This is the small restaurant/cafe at the bottom of Rosenthaler Strasse on the inner courtyard next to the cinema. It’s a tourist trap area and we wouldn’t normally eat somewhere like this. We where really hungry and most places where fully bookedso we thought we’d give it a go. What a mistake. It had the atmosphere of a morgue, with gruff unfriendly staff that clearly don’t enjoy their job.

We spent over a week in Mitte, Berlin and most restaurants all proved to be very good. We were unlucky with this one. The food was terrible which is unusual in Berlin. The little kiosks that sell Chinese noodles or Bratwurst or whatever all had a good standard of cheap takeaway food we found. Some you can even eat on the premises. Knowing this made our “meal” at the Anatre all the worse. They even gave us meals we didn’t order and charged us over 40 Euros for the privilege. There are so many good places to eat in Mitte, so try somewhere else. 

#4 Ost-West Cafe

We decided to go here for breakfast. The pictures on the menu looked nice enough. It took them a while to bring us a menu or even acknowledge us, we ordered and American and an English breakfast and two lattes.

The coffees were awful, no taste at all. Our breakfasts came and were horrendous, nothing like the pictures. The English breakfast had cold beans, a dry sausage, two really greasy and over fried eggs and some soggy bread that was supposed to be toast. My husbands American breakfast consisted of three very burnt (black) pancakes, some blueberry jam, a dry sausage and some random condiments. Neither of us could even eat the food and we both felt really dodgy from the bits we did manage.

DO NOT GO HERE. It’s been the only negative experience on our entire trip.

#3 Ferri’s Restaurant

My wife and I decided to have dinner on this restaurant with a couple friend since it was convenient located close to our hotel.

This restaurant is a combination of all bad things in a restaurant. The food is terrible and the service is even worse. This is a complete nightmare, it ruined our night and will ruin yours if you dare to try.  To start off they served us warm beer and when we complained and returned our glasses they took it away without giving us an explanation. Of course we did not expect to drink extremely cold beer in Berlin  but this beer was so hot it felt microwaved.

We ordered as starters onion soup, a salad with lamb (Insalata Italia) and a beef carpaccio. It was all horrible, wait… maybe worst than horrible if that’s possible!!! We finally decided to leave before ordering the main course and found out we had been charged for the returned beers. Please save yourself and don’t walk in, it would be a great disappointment.

#2 Cafe und Restaurant Olive

We arrived and we were told that the place is very busy and that all the tables were booked, so we were offered a 10 minute wait in the back corner of the restaurant. My wife sat on one of the seats at the back. At that point the owner, a woman without any knowledge of service. She yelled at my wife “HEY YOU MISS MOVE OVER MAKE ROOM FOR OTHERS!” (I thought that was KGB). We had a drink and waited for a table. A family of 4 walked in with a dog. They got a table right next to us and They complained that the floor was dirty. The owner  came and asked every one to remove their belongings from the table. She pulled the table cloth and threw it violently to the floor, then she started to clean the dirty floor using the table cloth and her feet. I was shocked, I assumed that if she treats the food in the kitchen I wouldn’t like to eat it, terrible service.

#1 Radkes Gasthouse

I get that not everyone is into hosting tourists, but it’s not necessary to be so rude. We were greeted by this older guy who briefed us on the “rules” and said that we either had to eat a full meal in the rear of the restaurant or appetisers in the front. I thought, “Ok, weird, but we can just go with the flow.”. We where checking out the menu and before we even have a chance to read it entirely, he interrupts us and says with his voice raised , “I SAID, if you want to eat a meal, you must it eat over there, not HERE.” Then this a-hole turns around and starts talking with amused locals and says something like, “I’m explaining to them that we have RULES! Ha ha!”

We immediately walked out, and I’m actually glad we did. The Portuguese seafood restaurant across the street was excellent – highly recommended. From what I’ve read, we would have paid twice what we paid over there to eat at this dump and would have a much less enjoyable experience.  Avoid this place unless you want to have a bad restaurant experience to blog about.

Another unlucky customer had the following experience:

After first meeting with waiter (older man) everything went wrong. First we thought rude and arrogant behavior was supposed to be joke but quite soon realised we were in a situation where everything we asked or tried to order was either somehow “wrong” or not available. Neither the menu nor the waiter didn’t mention any limitations before we ordered. Ordering beer and some “schnaps” was difficult. When it was time for ordering food, we tried to get some Gulash-soup but they told they have it but only available as a Starter – this was not mentioned in the menu. Then looking for something else, I tried ordering fish. Surprise, you can not order Fish. After this we asked waiter if he could tell us what they did have. The waiter quickly turned some pages and said “all here”. At this point we were totally confused. Once more we tried to order Meat Loaf and Gulash-soup (as strarter now) but it just wasn’t possible. I still don’t know what was happening but decided to give up. We paid for the beers and left this terrible place with really sad and discriminated feeling.

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