Bottom of the pit #1, Ghent

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It’s hard to reach the top of the culinary landscape. It’s easy to make mediocre food. Being with the top 10 worst restaurants of a particular area is (unless there are only 10 restaurants in that area) not that easy either! Let’s start with the 10 worst restaurants of Ghent, Belgium according to the people who visit them!

Ghent has about 550 listed restaurants! These are the absolute worst! All of these restaurants have more then 10 reviews online. Some of these places have closed (for a good reason).

#10 De onvrije schipper

We were out for drinks, got a nice table by the waterfront and ordered some drinks. It started okay. After we had paid for the drinks my friend discovered she had gotten something different than she ordered. She notified the waiteress, and five minutes later the waitress returned. She was very rude and served something even worse than first time. Later we discovered the waitress talked crap about us to other customers. My friend tried to talk with the manager who turned out to be even worse than the waitress. We were so shocked annoyed by the experience that we could not stop thinking about it. It ruined our evening. Do yourself a big favor and spend your evening elsewhere.

#9 The Rambler (We have actually eaten there!)

Very bad service! We had to wait 40 minutes for two coffee’s. When the coffee arrived the cream was already gone (melted in the coffee). When we complained about it the owned laughed at us. The waiter became agressive to the point the owner had to calm him before worse things happened!

#8 Kapittelhuis

The tomato soup was like water, the meat was average but the quiche and service where terrible. When we asked if the quiche was actually “a quiche” they just took it away. They returned it all burned. After complaining the cook and owner threatened to call the police if we didn’t pay for the quiche!

#7 Baar

First impression of the interior was very good. That said, let’s talk about my worst restaurant experience in Ghent so far. Service is very slow. The waiters are clowns and don’t write things down. The menu said that all food was made to be shared. Sounds good until you get two scampi and you are supposed to share it with four people?! Those 2 scampi where 11 EUR.

#6 Yanko

We ordered the turkish waitress two beer Kriek Mort Subite. She braught us that beer, filled in small coctail glasses and full of ice! I am a grandson of a brewery and claimed that putting ice in our Kriek beer was like a murder. She took it back, and came with two new beers without ice. In the meantime we ordered steak bearnaise, and I specially asked if the béarnaise was freshly home made, what she agreed. BUT, the steak came and each of us gets its own saucer with béarnaise…but it was “turned” and uneatable!!! It had been putted far too long in the microwave, so it was not home made and surely it was bitter and turned over. I again called her, and she called the chef cuisine, and he apologised bringing immediately two new saucers with béarnaise. He agreed it was not home made. We paid, saying regrets to the boss Philippe, who wasn’t there at that moment, but still we paid the full price: 43,10 euros for the worse meal ever. So, never again.

#5 Il peperoncino

When we entered we should have turned around right away. There was an intense scent of fresh paint hanging around the dining room. They also decided to save some money on heating because you could see your own breath (like outside in the winter). The pizza’s where average and the beer was warm. Unless you’re suicidal, stay away!

#4 ‘t Genieterke

We went here with a group of 9. First, drinks went wrong twice. After waiting for an hour for our main course, it turned out to be a tasteless meat soup, instead of a belgian stew. Desert took 40 minutes. We wanted to leave without desert. However, the waiter demanded us to wait for desert, otherwise we would be in trouble, telling things like guest are welcome, but he is the general manager of the bar and we should listen to him. Also he refused to give the receipt before we had desert. When we wanted to leave without paying, last moment he finally gave up and handed the receipt. Overall I’ve never seen somebody being so rude towards paying customers at a restaurant.DO NOT GO HERE under any circumstances.

#3 Falstaff

The staff is Arrogant, unpleasant and have no sense of service. We never experienced such a disaster in a restaurant. When we complained about this to the waiter he replied with a short “Too much work !!!”. It takes hours to be served, you don’t even get any bread while you wait. We ordered steak but didn’t get any steak knifes. They don’t even ask how you want your steak and the french fries where burned! Run!

#2 ‘t Stropken

We were looking for lunch before starting a walking tour and chose this restaurant as it appeared quite nice.How looks can deceive… Firstly the waitress didn’t take our order for over ten minutes, when she finally did she was extremely rude. Our meals took forever to arrive and when they did they bore no resemblance to what we ordered. Expecting tomato soup with pesto we were shocked to receive a broth with pieces of carrot and celery. Mine had hair in it and my husbands had a dead bug. When we advised the staff of this, they took the food back and didn’t even apologise. While we were given replacement broth – still no tomato soup – we no longer wanted to eat here. On top of this it was over priced. This was an appalling restaurant.

#1 Hokkaido Sushi Bar

I have been reading the reviews about this restaurant but today with a couple friends we decided to go there and find out ourselves. Oh my gooossshhhh….sushi rice was not cooked well and the seaweed rolls were badly done, veggies didn’t have any natural taste and the deep fried were soak in lots and lots of oil, all we ever tasted was the oil. And all the dishes were served in very “extra small” quantities, happily enough otherwise you pay an extra euro for each plate which is not consumed. Expensive for a bad japanese food! Lesson learned, in my case, i should really take the reviews quite seriously the next time especially the bad reviews.

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