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Interior of Boondocks

On the Boondocks website they keep things simple. It says, “Just great steaks!”. After a disaster dinner at restaurant Elckerlijc (owned by world champion BBQ 2003 Peter Declercq) we really prayed to all the gods including the old pagan ones that this time we would get a great steak.

Let’s MEAT (haha, get it?) restaurant Boondocks. It’s an American themed steakhouse. They have a jukebox, an american gaspump, western style doors if you wanna use the toilet. Don’t worry, it’s for entering the toilet area, the toilets have normal doors. Even the service is like in the US, over the top friendly and social. If you don’t expect this you may think it’s a bit weird but in the US waiters or waitresses get paid minimal wages so tips from the customers are very important. This is why they go the extra mile and talk to you like they actually know you. I think it’s very nice that you get this experience at Boondocks. Off course, keep in mind that we are talking about our waiter, if you get somebody who’s working there for the first day it might be different.

We started with some cocktails. Mrs. Strawberry had a Tequila sunrise, I had a Long Island Iced Tea, my favourite (in case you ever get to meet us, know what to order!). The restaurant is always very busy but you never have to wait very long for your orders to arrive. The cocktails where very good, but to be honest, only cocktail bars seem to be able to mess up my cocktail, I’ve never had a bad tasting Long Island in a restaurant.

Food time! For starters I had Scampi’s (Hot’n’Spicy) and Mrs Strawberry was still disappointed by the carpaccio she got at the Drie Wijzen (NL) so she ordered it again. With our dinner we ordered a bottle of Syrah (26 EUR). It’s a good wine for any red meat, if you follow us on twitter or Facebook you knew this already off course.

  • Scampi
  • Beef Carpaccio

Mrs. Strawberry seemed very happy, she actually got a normal beef carpaccio (14,50 EUR), no trickery this time! They used salt and pepper and there was enough parmesan cheese to complete the dish. My Scampi’s (14 EUR) where perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicious. When Mrs Strawberry tasted the sauce she told me it wasn’t spicy. In the beginning I had the same opinion but it’s one of those dishes that get more spicy with every bite you take. I think its perfect for people who like spicy but still want to taste the rest of their dinner.

The wine was excellent and everything was really was very affordable. I ordered their largest steak, a 600gram T-Bone (30 EUR) and Mrs Strawberry had lamb chops (26 EUR) for our main course. My steak was a perfect medium rare. We got an abundance of french fries and they even asked if we wanted more. My mushroom sauce had an extra price tag of 3,50 EUR but after paying 114 EUR for a steak without sauce at Elckerlijc I am not complaining! I’m not gonna go into detail about the presentation of things because it’s a steak house, it doesn’t have three Michelin stars and I’m sure they don’t care. I really respect people who just make the best of what they want to do. Mrs Strawberry’s lamb chops were perfectly grilled with a nice smokey flavour and a selection of warm vegetables.

  • Scampi
  • T-Bone

As dessert we ordered a trio of sorbet (8 EUR) and a Mexican coffee (8 EUR). If you just wanna have a great dinner and you can handle some noise then we suggest you really check this place out! The restaurant has a really spacious and inviting outside area for people who want to enjoy their meal outside. They also serve fajita’s (Mexican) and an assortment of grilled fish, just in case you had steak the day before.

If you really want us to be picky. When you’re seated on the second floor it can get quite hot after a while, especially when it’s busy. I think it would be possible to change tables if you asked. If you don’t go crazy with cocktails and dessert you can walk outside with less then 100 EUR spent. As far as we’re concerned: Restaurant approved!

Long Island Iced Tea: 8 EUR
Tequila Sunrise: 8 EUR
2x Mexican Coffee: 16 EUR
2x Sorbet: 16 EUR
Vinas Las Ninas: 26 EUR
Carpaccio: 14,50 EUR
Scampi: 14 EUR
T-Bone (600gr): 30 EUR
Lamb Chops: 26 EUR

Price: +/- 170 EUR


Final Verdict

Just great steaks!

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