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When I was very young (maybe even till this day) I was a very picky eater. My uncle worked for the NATO and was stationed in Luxembourg at the time. He took us to an Indian restaurant and although I don’t remember where it was, the food there blew me away.  Since then I’ve tried to find a good Indian restaurant but nothing came close to the experience I had at that very early age.

Biryani was listed as the fifth best restaurant in my region (with over 1600 restaurants) so we decided to give it a try. It’s in Ronse, a city thats part of “The Flemish Ardennes”. On the drive from our hometown of Ghent to Ronse we got to see some very nice landscapes.

The Flemish Ardennes

This is an informal name given to a hilly region in the south of the province of East Flanders, Belgium. Cycling is particularly popular in the area. Many major bike races are held here, including a large part of the Tour of Flanders and most of its toughest climbs.

Restaurant Biryani is located near one of the squares in Ronse. It doesn’t have a private parking but you can always find a spot very close to the restaurant. It’s a small family restaurant with two floors. It wasn’t very busy when we ate there so they seated everyone at the ground floor. They use various aspects of Indian culture to create atmosphere. We where greeted by a French speaking girl. Ronse is on the border that separates the flemish and french speaking people in Belgium, so the fact she greeted us in French wasn’t a big surprise. Most of the people in the restaurant speak both languages so if you don’t know any French and you have some allergies I’m sure they would be able to help you.

We had two glasses of champagne to start of the night. They opened a new bottle for us and poured generously. In the middle of the table there was some kind of Indian bread with a very hot and spicy “dip sauce”. I honestly do not know what it actually was.

We ordered a menu titled “Pearls of India”. This is actually their tasting menu and ideal choice for people who want to try all of the Indian flavours but wouldn’t know what to pick because of their limited knowledge of Indian cuisine. It was priced at a humble 50 EUR/pp including Indian wine.

Before they started with the appetiser they offered a small hors-d’oeuvre based on pineapple combined with a spice so hot that it made the sauce we mentioned before look like baby food. It’s important to combine things in order to get the full flavour and once we did it was very tasty!

We got our first glass of Indian white wine. I was very pleasently surprised by the taste, it was slightly sweet and was perfumed with lychee. All in all a very good wine. We later got a red one which had been perfumed with plums, also very good!

Our starter was served, it came out as four separate dishes. Indian Lentil Soup Dal, Indian chicken soup Tiruttani, a typical Indian lamb skewer and to conclude a samosa with chicken & mango chutney.

Mrs. Strawberry agreed with me when I said that everything on this plate tasted amazing. The Indian chicken soup was full of flavour! The lamb skewer was nice and crispy on the outside but once you took a bite it melted on your tongue and the samosa combined with the mango chutney was one of the best dishes I ever had. The lentil soup was also very good. At this point you start to understand why the restaurant gets such a high rating.

Next up was our main course. We had Scampi curry with lemon rice, chicken kurma with white rice, a mixed tandoori with tomato infused rice and a whole range of vegetables and sauces ranging from very fruity to very hot and spicy.

  • Sauce?
  • Salad

Again, there was not a single dish I didn’t like. Everything was prepared with such passion and respect for their food culture that when it all came together it was just a feast for the senses. Mrs. Strawberry fell in love with the chicken and lamb tandoori combined with the pineapple chutney and I was blown away by the amazing execution of the chicken kurma. If you had been blindfolded you would assume you where eating in one of the best restaurants in New Delhi.

After this came dessert. To my surprise they abandoned their roots and served chocolate mousse and ice cream. To close off the evening we had a coffee. I think service made a little mistake here because we had to wait about 40 minutes before getting it. Because of this, just a tiny bit of the magic was lost but all in all this is one of the best restaurants we’ve visited so far and it deserves the spot we are giving it.

Champagne: 20EUR (2 Glasses)
Menu: 100EUR (for 2 persons)
Coffee: 5 EUR (for two)


Final Verdict

Amazing journey through India!

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