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The Belga Queen in Ghent used to be a warehouse and is situated in the heart of Ghent. It is a trendy and popular place. This “place-to-be” is getting a lot of positive reviews from locals and tourists. Does it really live up to it’s name?

Coming in you definitely get that old warehouse feel: big industrial pipes going around the building, wooden beams on the ceiling, deep castle-like windows and a walk bridge connecting parts of the restaurant together. Kind of cosy. The lights where rather dim and lounge music was playing. Our table was a bit on the small side (even for two people) and it looked like something they got out of storage to create an extra table. There was this odd lamp (candle) in the middle of the table that took up even more space… It wasn’t even lit so we quickly decided to put it aside so we could have a normal conversation.

We ordered some prosecco and a nice bottle of wine to go with our diner. The starters were out pretty quickly. Mr. Eggplant had shrimp croquettes. He told the waiter he didn’t want the piece of bread with mustard because of the simple fact he doesn’t eat mustard. Anyway, the croquettes where cone shaped and served with crispy parsley and half a lemon. They could have switched the mustard covered piece of bread with a simple salad but just discarded it. The whole presentation was totally uninspired and the “cones” almost fell of the table when the waiter set it down… Remember, small table. The taste wasn’t special and somehow they where really slimy inside.

My Terrine of duck liver was presented much better and gave me high expectations. To my disappointment, the taste was equally blunt. The duck liver was tasteless and all the extra dots of jam and duck mousse didn’t do anything to save it. There were also only two bite-size pieces of toast and way to much duck liver. If there is such a thing as “balance”, they didn’t discover it yet in this restaurant.

As main course, Mr. Eggplant had a stew made of wagyu beef. If was presented as best as a stew can be, I guess, in a pot with a lid. It smelled and looked decent.  It might have been “ok” if you’ve never tasted Wagyu beef but since we have, we despaired at this cattle mutilation. Normally very tender and tasty meat has been so overcooked they managed to turn it into a dry and tasteless brick. Possibly the biggest disappointment of the night.

Me  (Mrs Strawberry) had the fawn filet. It was boring and the meat and garnishing were room temperature. Very bland, maybe the kitchen was out of salt and pepper (there wasn’t any on the table). After this we gave up and didn’t feel like ordering dessert.

I’d say this is a cosy place for drinks (they have a bar and lounge) and for a “popular” place in Ghent it wasn’t that expensive. However it’s not worth the money… The moment you walk in you expect culinary excellence but instead you get boring café food prepared with no imagination at all.

+ Prosecco (2 glasses): 13 EUR
+ Terrine of duck liver: 21 EUR
+ Shrimp croquettes: 16,50 EUR
+ Fawn filet (with portobello, etc): 28 EUR
+ Belgian Wagyu f*cked up stew: 31 EUR
+ Nice Italian wine: 95 EUR





Final Verdict

Thank god for the wine!

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